Figuera salió de su escondite en Colombia para revelar corrupción en el círculo más cercano a Maduro.

Gen. Manuel Ricardo Cristopher Figuera emerged from hiding in Colombia to allege Cubans in the palace, foreign fighters in the countryside and rot in Maduro’s inner circle.

The appeal heightens pressure on Trudeau to resolve the conflict with China ahead of the Canadian election.

How many Americans have died? Is it safe to travel there? Here's everything you need to know.

At least 11 U.S. citizens have died recently while visiting the Caribbean nation known for its all-inclusive resorts.

Tiffani O'Brien wrote on Facebook that she now suffers from insomnia and "reoccurring night terrors."

New Trump administration restrictions, aimed at punishing Havana for supporting Venezuela’s president, are contributing to the island’s worst economic crisis in years.

For weeks, headlines have chronicled the stories of Americans who have fallen ill or died on this Caribbean island. But is there really a suspicious trend?

Programs to combat child smuggling, stop traffickers and redirect asylum seekers are under discussion as top government officials work to contain humanitarian crisis.

On Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and other matters, Trump's tough posture runs up against reality.

"If they’d like to do it, we’ll think about that,” Trump said of a potential Toronto visit to the White House.

The tone at the White House was markedly different from the last time the leaders met.

The death of María Senaida Escobar Cerritos comes as Mexico increases enforcement against migration at the behest of the United States.

The Rays have the worst average home attendance in the American League this season despite the sixth-best record in baseball.

The ouster of the Venezuelan president seemed a sure bet last winter. Less so, now.

The former Red Sox slugger was said to be seated with and wearing clothing similar to that worn by the intended target.

The southern neighbor, which became the largest U.S. trading partner this year, hopes the NAFTA update will provide relief from uncertainty under President Trump.

Reports of a confrontation in the state of Veracruz come as Mexico increases enforcement against migrants at the behest of the United States.

What’s more, human rights abuses will probably increase.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, caught between environmental and economic concerns, greenlighted the $5.5 billion Trans Mountain project.

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