The Seoul government is frantically trying to win an exemption to the tariffs.

China’s premier warned that a trade war between the two nations would hurt both sides.

A powerful new anti-graft commission allows detention for months without access to lawyers. It will help President Xi Jinping maintain control, but at a cost.

New Delhi police have launched an investigation into the investors’ complaint.

The draft law would bar “activities or movements for selfish or ulterior purposes.”

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The Philippine president said press freedom is a privilege, not to be abused.

An illiterate janitor has been charged with sharing a photo mocking the prophet Muhammad.

Like a number of African leaders before him, the Philippine president wants to leave the treaty.

The move is part of a major restructuring of institutions, including a bigger role for the environment ministry.

The prime minister is trying to minimize the differences as the U.S. president presses ahead with North Korea talks.

Critics say the development plan doesn’t address the root causes of violence against the Muslim minority group.

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  • Mar 13
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The aircraft, with 71 on board, crashed and caught fire as it was landing at Kathmandu airport.

The Supreme Court is set to begin arguments in a controversial case, sparking fears of new clashes.

Would compromise unite the Church, or put the faithful in Beijing’s crosshairs?

The vote by lawmakers, which was largely symbolic, cements a momentous change in Chinese politics.

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