In a sign of continuity with the former regime, the results are not in doubt.

The incoming administration may be signaling a more robust approach to China.

Was the president-elect’s talk with Taiwan’s president a slip-up or sign of a policy shift?

Alienated young men have formed gangs in Melbourne, heightening a national paradox.

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The largely symbolic measures appear unlikely to make Pyongyang abandon its nuclear weapons program.

The prime minister and an ex-cricket star square off in a legal battle over corruption.

The president-elect’s business ties with India and lack of foreign-policy expertise remain concerns.

How the next president responds could have a massive impact on the global economy.

Police chief claims “terror” link but admits there is little hard evidence.

About 20 million illegal immigrants from Bangladesh live in India, the government says.

The military still calls the shots in the nuclear-armed Muslim democracy.

But the first trials aim low and end anticlimactically.

Many on the southern Japanese island hope the president-elect will make good on his plan to close military bases.

The two new and impulsive leaders are hard to gauge. What’s next? “We don’t know.”

Washington had urged its two closest allies in Asia to put historical differences aside.

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