The Treasury Department imposed the penalties in response to a brutal campaign against Rohingya Muslims last year.

Much of the cost of Donald Trump Jr.’s February business trip to India remains unknown.

Four million people who claimed to be Indian were left off a registry of Indian citizens.

“I have a feeling of darkness . . . for the future of my children,” said one parent after the suicide attack, which was claimed by the Islamic State.

He shocked the world in May 1998 with five underground nuclear tests, prompting international sanctions, rattling neighbors and setting off an arms race with archrival Pakistan.

Beijing has urged party officials and press to tamp down the swagger.

The blast inside a learning center in a Shiite district of the Afghan capital was among the deadliest in years.

Moon Jae-in also promised to take an “audacious” step to achieve a peace treaty with North Korea.

While talks between the U.S. and North Korea appear bogged down, Pyongyang and Seoul are still moving forward slowly.

Government army reinforcements, U.S. airstrikes work to secure Ghazni.

One effect has been to boost the visibility of the pro-independence group.

U.S. attack helicopters and a drone strike helped thwart the surprise attack on Ghazni.

Beijing denies the charge. But families and survivors describe mass detention and forced indoctrination. 

The Chinese move, which takes effect Aug. 23, targets cars, natural gas and coal.

A government minister accused the diplomatic office of “poking its nose” into Bangladeshi affairs.

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