His daughter reported him missing, and police said his phone signal was last detected earlier in the day.

China warned of retaliation after the U.S. ally offered refuge and a path to residency for Hong Kongers.

They rove. They disinfect. They make drinks. They even bust a few dance moves.

China’s new security agency in the city will operate out of a four-star hotel that offers a vantage point over key protest zones — and a rooftop pool.

The government says it will not shutter the economy again despite calls by medical experts for caution.

Still reeling from the coronavirus, China’s heartland now faces deadly floods.

Officials are stepping up precautions, banning the hunting, skinning and transportation of rodents that can carry the deadly bacteria.

The new measures threaten to derail the recovery of a country that had enjoyed relative success in conquering the virus.

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Historical texts and discussions that might go against Beijing’s desired narrative are being erased as officials impose “patriotic education.”

The young athlete allegedly had endured what she and others claimed was physical and verbal abuse from coaching staff.

The professor’s arrest comes at a time when the Communist Party is forcefully reasserting itself domestically as well as globally.

After years of currying favor with Beijing, a subtle rebalancing is underway — yet the “Five Eyes” member wants to keep some distance from President Trump.

Four generations of an Indian family — from 3 months to 90 years old — battled the pandemic.

Zheng Yanxiong is known for putting down an anti-corruption uprising in neighboring Guangdong province.

Not long ago, Hong Kong was seen as the city that would prefigure a more liberal, prosperous future for China.

Democracies such as Britain and Australia are formulating measures to help, while risking blowback from a furious Beijing.

Implications of the far-reaching measures are coming into focus, after Beijing fast-tracked the crackdown without public comment.

Pro-democracy parties disbanded, and people deleted social media accounts en masse as Beijing passed measures intended to eliminate political opposition.

Chinese President Xi Jinping signed a sweeping new national security law that will dramatically overhaul the city’s freedoms.

New reports detail a shocking, widespread campaign of forced sterilizations in China's far-western region of Xinjiang.

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