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Three years after passage, the provisions are not being applied, and victims feel neglected or revictimized.

The move to accept recruits as old as 40 is intended to rebuild a force hit hard by casualties and defections.

The announcement has stirred worry about potential advances in the country’s ballistic missile program.

Local officials said the station, which began transmissions in December, was leveled during a live broadcast.

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Pakistanis are cashing in on demand from North American and European Muslims for online training courses.

Three decades after democratization, many 20- and 30-somethings feel boxed in by economic feudalism.

The proposal would confirm the legality of breeding endangered species for medical use and food and for exhibits and performances.

The couple hope their case may pave the way for similar lawsuits that use Chinese law to advance gay rights.

The social-media giant’s service is at the center of a hotly contested debate about net neutrality in India.

But the issue of imposing further sanctions on Pyongyang remains unresolved.

“Sometimes, when the cars arrive here, they still have human bits inside,” a police officer said.

The nation may have crossed a red line, but Western countries appear unwilling or unable to intervene.

On a trip designed to boost economic relations, the secretary of state also queried the country’s rights record.

He met with Bill Gadoury, who since 1984 has searched for the remains of U.S. airmen shot down 40 years ago.

Secretary of State John Kerry said talks are underway on providing more aid to clear ordnance left over from the Vietnam War.

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