With a questionable land deal and allegations of racism, the scandal is shaping up to be the biggest of Abe's tenure.

Abu Sayyaf had demanded a $600,000 ransom for the release of Jürgen Kantner.

The Philippine war on drugs is a disaster for the very young. A new bill could make it worse. 

Kim Jong Nam was exposed to a large amount of VX — a banned chemical weapon.

Senate leader says he felt helpless to change his unjust society.

The possible hate crime has prompted anger in India and concern that the Trump-era United States is no longer a safe place for its thriving community of visiting Indian students, scholars and tech workers.

He was born into the ruthless North Korean dictatorship and could never quite escape it.

258 applications have been lodged under Ivanka’s name, or variants of it, since the election.

VX is one of the most toxic and fastest-acting chemical warfare agents.

VX has been classified as a chemical weapon and can be absorbed through skin.

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Ruling-party leaders are warily allowing troops into their political stronghold.

The embassy official and an airline employee take to eight the number suspected in Kim Jong Nam’s death.

A Chicago businessman who "clicks" with Trump is newly popular in India.

The developments add to the mystery surrounding the dramatic attack on Kim Jong Nam, who was ambushed at a Malaysian airport last week.

Former warlord Abdurrashid Dostum has refused to cooperate in a probe of claims he brutalized a political rival.

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