The attack, claimed by the Pakistani Taliban, ended a relative lull in the country’s major cities.

The blast occurred near the residence of prominent politician from the Hazara ethnic minority.

A “micro-survey” project is seeking information on life from inside North Korea.

Brother Li has risen to the top of the charts and is making a fortune in a country where 350 million have downloaded a live-streaming app.

Three months after “the mother of all bombs” was dropped, the fighting rages on. 

The move comes a month after a tourist detained by North Korea was flown home in a coma and died days later.

Ram Nath Kovind, a septuagenarian from what is considered a low caste, is a stalwart of the governing Hindu nationalist party.

The Haqqani network has kept a lower profile in Pakistan but carried out deadly bombings in Afghanistan. 

There is no sign of imminent change in the North, but previous atrocities show the importance of being ready to collect evidence.

It’s almost impossible to enforce orders about child return in Japan, experts say.

Some call for new laws to protect domestic help after a pay dispute turns violent.

He was the first Nobel Peace Prize winner since the Nazi era to die a prisoner.

The domestic workers protested after a fellow maid allegedly was held overnight, beaten by her employer.

Ri Jong Ho says pressure on North Korea is not enough. He advocates talks, too.

Many members of the nation’s Hindu majority view cows as sacred, but butchers and others protested.

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