The Kim regime looks like it’s trying to create an atmosphere conducive to talks, analysts say.

The ethnic minority has been in the crosshairs of militant conflict for years.

The young girl was a Muslim. Her alleged assailants are Hindu.

Pressure is mounting on the president to deliver tangible results in his diplomatic efforts with Pyongyang after CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s secret meeting with the Kim regime.

The anti-dumping measure follows a U.S. ban on selling parts to Chinese tech firm ZTE.

Former PM Koizumi says Abe will harm party candidates in parliamentary elections.

U.S. and Afghan forces are seeking to recapture areas that were once under American control.

Signs suggest that Prayuth Chan-ocha wants to hold on to power.

Beijing says the island and the mainland are one happy family, but many people see more sinister motives. 

Women in one of the world’s biggest film industries have been conspicuously quiet about sexual misconduct. Until now. 

The South Korean government threatened the institute’s academic freedom, managers said.

In a possible move to defuse tensions, Xi said (again) he would open up the auto industry and reduce tariffs.

The Taiwan Strait is re-emerging as a potential flashpoint in a broader struggle between Washington and Beijing.

Kim Jong Un pushed hard to get nuclear weapons. Is he really going to give them up easily?

A close-knit tribe is divided over the centuries-old tradition of ensuring a bride’s “purity.” 

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