Meanwhile, the North, the South, Japan and the United States were conducting military drills in the region.

Body ink is strongly associated with organized crime in Japan.

In an unusual move, the White House announces it will brief the entire Senate this week on the North Korea situation.

Mattis’s visit comes after a devastating Taliban surprise attack killed nearly 200 government troops.

Officials are struggling to stem a rising tide of false accusations and vigilante violence.

The man, reportedly involved in aid work, is the third U.S. citizen being held by North Korea.

A handful of fighters carried out the assault, a stunning blow to the Western-backed war effort.

“They were going to give up all material pleasures for a medieval lifestyle,” said a police officer who knows them well.

Successive administrations have realized that the risk to South Korea is too great.

But the judges ordered further probes into the financial dealings of Nawaz Sharif and his family.

Taiwan was on the verge of marriage equality, but the fight may have stalled.

The election in Jakarta was seen as a test of religious tolerance in the world’s most-populous Muslim nation.

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A U.S. admiral said the carrier strike group will provide a ‘visible maritime deterrence.’

Chinese media said South Korea was “tricked badly,” but talk of the carrier may have been psychological warfare.

Despite an international outcry, polls show the president still has majority backing for his hard-line policies.

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  • Apr 18
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