A $20 billion, 34-mile sea crossing connecting Hong Kong and Macau with mainland China opened even as some question its value. 

Two others were reported wounded in the attack by a member of the Afghan security forces.

Xi and Abe will hold their first bilateral meeting in more than seven years this week.

Tons of hidden cash. Posthumous punishments. Six years into President Xi Jinping’s rule, a corruption-busting drive also serves as a powerful political tool.

Trade deals, infrastructure spending and military drills mark a new path to counter China and an isolationist U.S. administration.

The tragedy occurred on the outskirts of the city of Amritsar in Punjab state.

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It’s part of Beijing’s push to bring indigenous products to a global market amid fears of greater trade rifts with the United States.

The killing of the police and intelligence chiefs leaves a dangerous vacuum in the embattled province.

Slowing growth and slumping markets are dialing up pressure on Beijing.

The Himalayan nation is voting for a new government for the third time in its history.

Gen. Austin “Scott” Miller escaped unhurt, but U.S. military officials confirmed that three other Americans — a soldier, a contractor and another civilian — were wounded.

The Chinese yuan sank to a 21-month low against the U.S. dollar on Thursday.

M.J. Akbar resigned on Wednesday amid a flood of sexual harassment allegations.

Many voters see a chance to send younger, modern candidates to parliament.

South Korea ranks as one of developed world’s least-welcoming countries for refugees.

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