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The attack, claimed by the Islamic State, targeted a rally staged by ethnic Hazara Shiites.

Rajinikanth is 65 and balding, but his fans bathe his cutouts in milk and throw coins at him onscreen.

An effort to eradicate the plateau pika on the Tibetan grasslands has been backfiring.

Pyongyang is angry about plans for U.S. antimissile batteries to be deployed to the South.

Behind the Great Firewall, Chinese apps have been flourishing.

Americans living in this virtually gun-free society voice qualms about returning home.

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  • 4 days ago
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U.S. and Afghan forces have embarked on a strategy that appears to be thwarting the insurgents.

The young, social-media-savvy insurgent had become somewhat of a folk hero in the region.

 A court ruled that China’s claims to virtually all of the sea have no legal or historical basis.

China is turning social media to suit its own needs.

Bangladesh probes whether attackers were trained overseas and how many other youths have been radicalized.

Assailants struck a security checkpoint near where more than 200,000 Muslims were marking the end of Ramadan.

In Kashgar, freedom of religion means the freedom to worship on the state's terms.

Gunmen reportedly divided hostages by nationality and spared those who could recite Koran verses.

  • Joseph Allchin
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  • Jul 2
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They were among the hostages seized and killed when gunmen stormed a Dhaka cafe Friday.

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