The incident recalled the 2011 controversy over a CIA contractor who shot and killed two men in Lahore.

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Kim Jong Un will cross the line and walk 90 yards into South Korea on Friday.

The verdict has sparked debate over the unchecked power of India’s holy men and women.

A group gathered by a river with a low-tech plan to open North Koreans’ eyes to the outside world. And feed them, too.

The community’s defiance against terrorists is now tinged with fear.

The pro-Russian leader was accused by opponents of corruption and authoritarian rule.

The ethnic minority has been in the crosshairs of militant conflict for years.

About 120 were wounded in the attack at the entrance of an office issuing national identity cards to voters.

Residents of Mindanao are caught between the government and the long-running communist insurgency.

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The government acted after days of criticism over its handling of the controversial case.

While there is good cause to be skeptical, North Korea’s latest steps are in the right direction.

The Kim regime looks like it’s trying to create an atmosphere conducive to talks, analysts say.

The young girl was a Muslim. Her alleged assailants are Hindu.

Pressure is mounting on the president to deliver tangible results in his diplomatic efforts with Pyongyang after CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s secret meeting with the Kim regime.

The anti-dumping measure follows a U.S. ban on selling parts to Chinese tech firm ZTE.

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