The evacuees escaped the clutches of Taliban militants who have targeted interpreters, in some cases killing them as retribution for their work with U.S. troops on the front lines and as crucial workers for diplomats and humanitarian agencies.

Authorities are putting the freewheeling industry on notice, amid a broad crackdown on Big Tech.

If passed, the legislation could result in prison terms of up to five years for practices intended to change a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Though quieter in the United States than a year ago, this month has seen a dramatic spasm of protest in other parts of the world.

A decade later, many people remain displaced from the devastation left by the an earthquake, tsunami and meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

A "heat dome" and drought conditions have gripped North Korea this summer.

Government officials said they hope the militants will allow rescuers workers to use the few navigable pathways to reach civilians.

As cases grow from a cluster in Nanjing, some experts are urging leaders to rethink their approach to risk.

The death of Nazar Mohammad Khasha has galvanized Afghan citizens to speak out against Taliban violence.

The U.S. secretary of state's visit to India was part of the Biden administration’s effort to strengthen ties with a diplomatic partner wedged between two of America’s largest geopolitical challenges, Afghanistan and China.

Police arrested an acquaintance of the victim at the site of the attack, and later his mother and father on charges of trying to hide evidence.

Chinese foreign minister demanded that Taliban cut ties with separatist group in Xinjiang.

The outcome signaled a tough line by the courts in enforcing Beijing’s new rules on political speech.

Inside the Games: high vaccination rates, strict precautions, low infection rates. Out in Tokyo: few vaccinations, lax enforcement, surging cases.

Reviving the communication channel is part of efforts to improve strained ties.

The deep freeze in U.S.-China ties has not lifted in the first six months of the Biden presidency. Instead, relations may be growing all the more tense.

A week ago, Kim Hong-bin, 57, made history as the first disabled person to scale all 14 mountains. Then he went missing. And now, a weeklong international search for his body has concluded at the request of his family.

There were indications both sides wanted to dial down the temperature in the U.S.-China conflict, especially as central China suffers deadly floods.

Dozens have been reported missing, conflicting with official reports.

Suhayra Aden was one of a number of women who traveled from Australia to allegedly join the terrorist group and marry fighters.

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