North Korea rejects South’s ‘absurd’ disarmament offer

The influential sister of dictator Kim Jong Un rebuffed Seoul’s offer of economic benefits, calling South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol "really foolish."

By Michelle Ye Hee LeeAugust 19, 2022

Trump’s personality cult and the erosion of U.S. democracy

The wholesale capture of a wing of American politics by a “cult of personality” surrounding one demagogic leader has limited precedent in U.S. history. But variations of the theme are visible in other countries today.

By Ishaan TharoorAugust 19, 2022

China’s Yangtze River is running dry amid scorching temperatures

China is suffering its worst drought on record as soaring temperatures dry up key parts of the Yangtze River.

By Karina TsuiAugust 18, 2022

How strong is the Islamic State in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan?

Bombings continue to rock Kabul, illustrating the enduring threat posed by the Islamic State's Afghan affiliate in the era of Taliban rule.

By Claire ParkerAugust 18, 2022

Blast kills 21 in Kabul mosque, including influential cleric

Since the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, there has been a surge in attacks by the local branch of the Islamic State.

By Susannah George and Haq Nawaz KhanAugust 18, 2022

Outrage in India as men convicted of rape, murder walk free

The development comes as a shock to the country that has struggled to address widespread sexual violence against women.

By Niha MasihAugust 18, 2022

Japan has a message for its young adults: Drink more alcohol

The “Sake Viva!” campaign was prompted by a fall in the government’s sin tax revenue as young adults drink less alcohol.

By Rachel Pannett and Julia Mio InumaAugust 18, 2022

U.S., Taiwan to begin formal trade talks amid Pelosi visit’s fallout

The move is a show of support for Taiwan, a major U.S. trading partner, as it comes under intense Chinese political and military pressure.

By Eva Dou and Lyric LiAugust 18, 2022

China set to discourage abortion amid concern over birthrates

The government has also vowed to make infertility treatment more widely available to married women.

By Karina TsuiAugust 17, 2022

Scientists try to bring Tasmanian tiger back from extinction

Over the coming decade, they plan to use gene editing to turn a dunnart cell into a thylacine cell and bring the extinct marsupial into today’s world.

By Frances VinallAugust 16, 2022

Australians slam former leader for secretly taking five cabinet jobs

Karen Andrews, who served as home affairs minister, said she was unaware she was sharing her job with Morrison at the time and called on him to resign as a lawmaker.

By Adela SulimanAugust 16, 2022

Chinese military ship docks in Sri Lanka over Indian, U.S. objections

The arrival of the Yuan Wang 5, a Chinese navy ship equipped with advanced sensors, marked a small triumph for Beijing over India and the United States.

By Hafeel Farisz and Gerry ShihAugust 16, 2022

Instant-noodle makers ask Thailand for price increase under 14-year cap

Instant-noodle makers hope to get the Thai government’s permission to sell their products for about 23 cents instead of 17 cents.

By Bryan PietschAugust 16, 2022

China shuts factories, rations electricity as heat wave stifles economy

Production has been suspended in 19 cities and prefectures across Sichuan province until Saturday, as soaring temperatures affect a swath of the country.

By Eva Dou and Lyric LiAugust 16, 2022

In China, civil servant chic is the new look for straitened times

Long considered uninspired, the simple attire of the Chinese bureaucrat in recent months has gained new appeal for those who want the security of official jobs.

By Vic Chiang and Christian ShepherdAugust 15, 2022

Two weeks of chaos: A timeline of the U.S. pullout of Afghanistan

The U.S. withdrawal saw desperate Afghans try to flee the country as violence left nearly 200 dead.

By Ruby MellenAugust 15, 2022

Celebration, uncertainty and fear grip Kabul one year on

While the Taliban takeover ended decades of conflict, it also upended the lives of millions and deepened Afghanistan's poverty.

By Susannah George and Pamela ConstableAugust 15, 2022

India celebrates 75 years since independence amid hope and tension

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India is in a new phase of global importance, while critics accused him of using the event as a personal political platform.

By Annabelle TimsitAugust 15, 2022

China begins new military drills as U.S. delegation visits Taiwan

The People's Liberation Army announced more exercises, which it said were a warning to the United States and Taipei against “playing cheap political tricks.”

By Christian Shepherd and Eva DouAugust 15, 2022