But Kim Jong Un says industrial production has risen this year, after a pandemic-induced slump in 2020.

There has been a rise in crimes involving intimate images that are captured and shared without consent or manipulated to impersonate the victim in a sexually degrading manner.

Armed police officers woke up families in the middle of the night to demand proof of citizenship, while people who did not look White were told to carry identification at all times and would be randomly stopped on the street.

The announcement by an arm of “School Strike 4 Climate” comes at a time of increased scrutiny on how ethnic minorities are treated within environmentalist groups.

The four members of the Murugappan family have been held for years at an immigration detention center on Christmas Island, an Australian outpost in the Indian Ocean.

"The 2021 G7 will go down in history as another turning point where history failed to turn."

The court's prosecutor said there is a "reasonable basis to believe that the crime against humanity of murder has been committed."

He pioneered a powerful, now-ubiquitous technique to build complex organic molecules.

The mice are invading homes. They’re destroying crops. They’re chewing through appliances, sofas, cars — and livelihoods.

The 75-year-old has been held incommunicado since being detained when the generals seized power in February.

The plant's claim that all is well comes in the wake of a CNN report that the French partners in the plant expressed concern over rising radiation levels.

The lesions on the sharks appeared to be ulcers linked to warmer sea temperatures, one expert said.

Objections centered on the movie’s focus on the prime minister, to be played by Rose Byrne, rather than the victims of the 2019 massacre.

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Even as Biden tries to turn the page on the Trump era, he's reading from his predecessor's script as he urges allies to confront China.

Japan is finally showing urgency. It’s too late to counter concerns about next month’s Games.

Franz Gayl, a celebrated whistleblower and former Marine, is being investigated after attacking American policy on Taiwan in a Chinese government mouthpiece.

Tharnicaa Murugappan has spent most of her life in immigration detention.

Intelligence agencies have long pored over what little information escapes North Korea for hints of life inside the Hermit Kingdom.

A median of 75 percent of respondents in 12 advanced economies expressed confidence in Biden's global leadership, compared with 17 percent in President Donald Trump's, the Pew Research Center survey found.

The metropolitan area home to around 1.6 million people topped a global livability index released by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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