The young Thai soccer players described how they survived trapped deep inside a cave.

Three cave-diving specialists from the resort island of Koh Tao were key members of the team that saved the lives of 12 boys and their soccer coach.

The court blamed rising intolerance and circulation of “fake news” for the spate of recent killings.

The remains of as many as 55 troops killed during the Korean War could be returned by July 27, the 65th anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended the conflict.

The message came hours before Trump’s meeting with the Russian president in Helsinki.

“Cow protection” laws have contributed to a 15 percent drop in the country’s $4 billion beef export industry.

Now the country’s right wing is regrouping — and rethinking its relationship with the U.S.

A senior Australian judge and a former N.Z. premier are conducting inquiries into separate but similar incidents during the war.

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Nearly 160 people have been killed this week, putting the nation on edge about security.

At least 132 people were killed in a suicide blast at an election rally.

The South Korean president visited Singapore, one month after Trump met Kim Jong Un there.

As the world watched, expert divers executed a desperate plan they assumed would mean the death of some of the young soccer players. Instead it ended in triumph.

More than 16,000 arrests and 4,000 convictions have been recorded since the anti-drug drive began.

A July 12 meeting on the topic had been expected after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s trip to Pyongyang.

The violence comes amid surging national hopes for peace talks with the Taliban.

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