The commando-style raid on a police compound began with twin car bombs.

The government wants to allow them, but concerns over addiction and crime remain.

The driver of a truck holding three tons of explosives was thwarted at a checkpoint, authorities said.

Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle were abducted in October 2012 while traveling in a remote area of Afghanistan outside Kabul.

Before a major party congress, speculation mounts that the president wants to stay in power for the long term.

Official data appear to confirm signs of a decline in cross-border trade.

The couple had three children while held by a Pakistan-based militant faction. Pakistan announced the release, but few details were given.

A school official, his wife and two daughters were taken from their home in September.

The disclosure comes at a time of heightened tensions over North Korea.

Yuriko Koike will not run for parliament, sucking the wind from the sails of her Party of Hope.

An offer for Indian passports has divided Tibet’s exile community.

A Quantico-trained police chief says no to Duterte’s call to kill drug suspects.  

Black Hawk helicopters arrive to bolster the country’s air force.

Demonizing drug use will raise the rates of HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis, experts said.

Despite cordial new rhetoric, there are few signs that decades-old mutual mistrust is easing.

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