A protest leader's continued detention without trial has triggered accusations that Japanese authorities are trying to silence him.

He translates the American political idiom for 800,000 social-media followers.

The Taliban denied responsibility for the blast that killed five Arab diplomats in Kandahar.

The decision is a blow to prosecutors looking into allegations of bribery at the highest levels.

As Xi Jinping defends globalization in Davos, U.S. firms in his country feel shortchanged.

The most complex and expensive search in aviation history has ended in failure. 

He was a onetime Wall Street banker who became an outspoken Chinese dissident.

The case has become a rallying point for public health workers in India's fight against the growing problem of drug-resistant diseases.

Cyberattacks are rising. People’s awareness about digital security is low.

The Chinese forced nearly 7,000 pilgrims to go home before the 10-day event featuring the Dalai Lama.

On his final diplomatic trip, John Kerry urged Vietnam to embrace values of globalized trade.

In a trip as personal as it is official, Secretary of State John Kerry will meet with Vietnam’s prime minister and take a riverboat into the Mekong Delta where he earned a Silver Star.

Good optics, questionable numbers at the Trump Tower meeting with Jack Ma.

Conservationists have put pressure on FedEx to take a similar step.

Should the U.S. move to limit visas for highly skilled Indian workers, India may have the most to gain. 

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