Bangladesh’s government, aid agencies and refugees themselves are totally overwhelmed.

Experts say extending the measure to include the country is basically meaningless.

A state-run website showed photoshopped images of North Korean missiles destroying a U.S. bomber and an aircraft carrier.

The threat of conflict and the presence of U.S. bombers leaves China looking on unhappily from the sidelines.

“If we win, we will struggle to establish Islamic rule,” said one leader.

The insults capped a week in which the U.S. president threatened to destroy North Korea if necessary and applied tough new sanctions.

The hard-line Shinzo Abe has the North Korean leader to thank for his rising approval ratings.

The U.S. president, analysts said, fed right into the Kim regime’s narrative with his threats.

The escalating U.S. rhetoric over North Korea is only making matters worse, China said.

Burma’s de facto leader cast the conflict as just one of many problems ailing the country.

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The United States has been urging countries to cut diplomatic ties with Pyongyang.

Growing North Korean threat sparks debate over expanding South Korean draft to women.

But voters signal they want change with strong opposition showing.

Those fleeing Burma’s military crackdown say civilians were gunned down and villages torched.

At least 60 right-to-information advocates have been killed since 2005.

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