The truce made vague dreams of ending the conflict seem more tangible.

The White House extended restrictions on North Korea for one year, citing hostility and weapons of mass destruction.

The reunions, the first in three years, will take place in August.

A few Yemenis began arriving on Jeju Island this spring. Then hundreds more followed. Officials now grapple with what Jeju’s governor called South Korea’s “first refugee crisis.”

New Delhi increased levies on almonds, apples and other goods in response to U.S. tariffs.

The visit comes soon after the Trump-Kim summit and could be aimed at loosening sanctions.

Asian economies especially fear that a trade war between United States and China will have serious side effects.

Restricted or forbidden in Myanmar, pants are becoming a social statement for male refugees.

No one can predict when — or if — sanctions on Pyongyang will be eased. But companies in the South are busy preparing.

After days of cordial mingling with the other side, the Taliban said it would resume fighting.

Like Donald Trump, Khaltmaa Battulga casts himself as an anti-establishment figure.

But violence in the province of Nangahar threatened to undercut the positive momentum.

Young men danced and sang in the streets as the first truce in the 16-year war began.

The strike eliminated a notorious insurgent held responsible for bloody attacks on schoolchildren in Pakistan.

Aboard the Trans-Siberian Railroad, World Cup fans came face to face with Russia.

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