The U.S. president was isolated once more among world leaders at the French seaside retreat of Biarritz.

Authorities adopted more aggressive tactics to clear the streets as demonstrations continued into a 12th weekend.

The president rejected concerns about security, including the fact that insurgent threats will keep 2,000 out of 7,400 polling places closed.

Leader Carrie Lam appealed for dialogue between her government and protesters, as violent clashes broke out again Saturday.

The latest action comes on the 30th anniversary of the “Baltic Way,” a 1989 protest for Baltic independence against the Soviet Union.

High schools and universities now offer esports in the classroom. It’s helping give some students a sense of achievement and self-worth. 

Seoul says it is worried about contaminated food from Fukushima being served to its athletes at the Tokyo Games, despite strict Japanese safety standards. 

David Bowie and the Beatles may have helped topple the Berlin Wall. Now South Korean and Western pop may be undermining the Pyongyang regime.

The latest casualties bring the U.S. troop death toll to 14 this year.

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After almost two decades of war, the Afghan insurgent group refuses to accept the key motivation of the 2001 U.S. invasion.

The surprise decision will be seen as a blow to U.S. security interests and efforts to counter North Korea’s nuclear and missile program.

A group of parents filed a complaint to the U.N. this month accusing Japan of violating international child custody conventions.

The Chinese state has taken aim at Hong Kong’s flagship airline, subjecting its staff to unprecedented scrutiny and pressure.

A quiet confrontation is growing in the East China Sea, in a slow-moving but high-stakes “game of chicken.”

Simon Cheng, who worked at the British diplomatic post in Hong Kong, disappeared Aug. 8 as he crossed an immigration checkpoint.

The Australian appeals court’s 2-1 decision was broadcast live.

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There are widespread concerns that Taliban defectors will join growing terrorist group.

Simon Cheng, a 28-year-old trade officer, vanished Aug. 8 as he tried to pass through Chinese immigration, his girlfriend told local media.

India is changing. But not fast enough for Amrutha and Pranay, a couple from different castes.

Indian authorities say the restrictions are necessary even as public anger grows. 

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