Analysts wonder if Trump and Xi left their meeting with very different ideas about their agreement.

In stark contrast to earlier combative exchanges, the letter spoke of Pakistan’s importance to solving the conflict.

The charges Maria Ressa faces are widely seen as political and part of a crackdown on government critics.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in voices hope for progress after speaking with Trump, but doubts and warnings persist.

Boracay is trying to get a handle on the party scene, crowding and pollution that marred the popular tourist island. But some wonder if the makeover is sustainable. 

South Korea demands military service for all able-bodied young men, but attitudes have shifted about the potential threat from the North amid diplomatic outreach.

  • Min Joo Kim
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Even in Japan, social media has seen unusually strong criticism of an opaque legal system.

The project to link the two countries’ rail networks can only go ahead if sanctions are lifted.

Multiple disasters, scores of bodies: One rescuer’s path through Indonesia’s season of tragedies.

  • Timothy McLaughlin, Stanley Widianto
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The ruling was the second in a month over the issue of forced labor during World War II that has poisoned relations between the two countries.

The Taliban asserted responsibility for the blast, which occurred as the Afghan president was attending a U.N.-sponsored conference in Geneva to talk about peace plans.

The Lion Air plane’s faulty sensor and an automated response took the flight out of the pilots’ control, investigators found.

He Jiankui said he is “proud” that his work on genetically altering babies could help save lives.

As he prepares to seek reelection, the Indian leader has chosen his public comments carefully.

So far in November, five American service members have died in Afghanistan.

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