The deaths in the state of Assam are the second mass poisoning this month.

Yongbyon is the hub of North Korea’s nuclear program. Talks must soon deal with its reactors and enrichment facilities.

One of India’s preeminent Dalit scholars fears his impending arrest as part of a wider crackdown on activists.

Exports from the Japanese prefecture are booming as stringent tests show the produce and fish are safe. But deeper issues gnaw at the community. 

Hundreds of Kashmiri students fled a northern Indian city after threats.

The huge plan covers an area the size of Croatia, 70 million people and a combined GDP that would be in the world’s top 15.

While the United States is looking to get out of Afghanistan, China is tiptoeing into a region it has flooded with cash.

The deadliest attack in decades in the strife-torn Himalayan region could mark a turning point in South Asia.

Officials hope the visit will help salvage the country’s ailing economy and upstage tensions with India.

A cultural debate emerges over how young is too young for the makeup and skin-care market.

The two sides are racing to meet a March 1 deadline set by Trump for resolving the dispute.

The attack has escalated tensions between nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan.

After centuries of oppression and discrimination, the Ainu people say they are waking from a “truly deep sleep.”

The bomb went off on a well-guarded stretch of highway near the city of Srinagar.

Angela Gui, the detained bookseller’s daughter, was called to a meeting in Stockholm with the ambassador and two men — and told to keep quiet.

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