Unable to leave their homes because of coronavirus restrictions, families in “red zone” areas tell of increasing desperation and government inaction.

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India reported nearly 4,000 deaths Thursday, its deadliest day to date in the pandemic. The actual toll is likely to be considerably higher.

A grill enthusiast roamed the city while infected, sparking concerns of wider outbreak.

One of the thousands of passengers affected says he was 'violated through his nose.'

The Indian Premier League has shut down as the country struggles to keep pace with fast-rising coronavirus numbers.

Perhaps the most strident criticism came from former cricket star Michael Slater, who accused Prime Minister Scott Morrison of having “blood” on his hands.

By one estimate, the monopolization of the first 2 billion coronavirus vaccine doses by a clutch of wealthy nations could double the pandemic’s global death toll.

The man bought the raft on Taobao and reached the Taiwanese coast undetected, prompting concerns about military blind spots.

The two current worst-hit major countries, Brazil and India, are governed by right-wing nationalists who have presided over hideous surges of the virus that overwhelmed hospital systems and filled cemeteries and crematoriums.

India has recorded over 3,000 deaths for the fourth straight day.

Pyongyang’s dismissive comments came as the White House completes a policy review and promises to chart a new course toward North Korea.

Epidemiologists have said the number of daily cases could reach 500,000 within weeks.

There are worries of rising violence in response to President Biden’s plans to extend the U.S. troop pullout until September.

The International Olympic Committee says it can deliver a safe Olympics without overburdening Japan’s health-care system. Many doctors and nurses don’t agree.

A U.S. Air Force transport plane carrying oxygen cylinders, N95 masks and rapid diagnostic tests landed in Delhi on Friday, the first of several shipments pledged by the White House.

The suspension of exports in April has contributed to a 90 million dose shortfall for Covax. That number would only grow in May if restrictions are not lifted.

The outposts frustrate military resupply efforts, stifle the provision of government services and undercut confidence in the country’s elected officials.

The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated problems for those working on Beijing’s signature influence-building program.

Modi is facing what appears to be the country’s biggest crisis since independence.

“We just don’t know. Everyone has their eyes on whats happening there and waiting for data.”

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