KABUL, Afghanistan — Ten NATO soldiers have died in Afghanistan in the past two days in the country’s embattled southern and eastern provinces.

Four soldiers were killed by a member of the Afghan National Army in eastern Afghanistan on Friday. The suspected shooter has been apprehended, according to a NATO statement.

In Paris, French President Nicolas Sarkozy identified the four victims as French soldiers and said the attack is “unacceptable.” He said France was suspending its training program for Afghan troops, the Associated Press reported.

The attack occurred just hours after a military helicopter crashed in southern Afghanistan, killing six NATO service members, according to military officials. “The cause of the crash is under investigation,” according to a NATO statement. “However initial reporting indicates there was no enemy activity in the area at the time of the crash.”

In a statement, Taliban officials claimed responsibility for the attack.

As the United States edges slowly toward a political settlement with the Afghan government and the Taliban, the insurgency has continued its campaign of attacks and regular statements advocating violence against both western and Afghan troops.