Hong Kong became the second place outside mainland China to report a fatality from the coronavirus outbreak, after China reported 425 deaths, bringing the overall toll to 427. Chinese officials reported a total of 20,438 confirmed cases of infection — an increase of 3,235 from Monday, the biggest daily jump since the National Health Commission began releasing statistics. Almost 3,000 of the infected are in critical condition.

●A 39-year-old man died in Hong Kong from coronavirus. Officials said the man, who had a preexisting condition, had traveled to Wuhan last month and was hospitalized Friday.

●A raft of new infections have been announced outside China, including six more in both Thailand and Singapore, suggesting that the virus is gaining steam internationally. The head of the World Health Organization has said the virus’s global spread is still minor.

●Global markets are in recovery mode, with the Dow Jones industrial average opening with a 400-point jump Tuesday morning.

●The spread of the virus is adding to strains on the U.S.-China relationship, with Beijing officials accusing the Trump administration of overreacting with its travel restrictions — even though many other countries and airlines are instituting them.

●As the virus continues to spread, so do fears over rising prejudice. If you’ve seen or experienced discrimination, racism or xenophobia connected to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, tell The Washington Post about it here.