China tentatively returned to work Monday after an extended Lunar New Year shutdown precipitated by the coronavirus outbreak, but with deaths from the epidemic continuing to rise, much of the country remained at a standstill, and many were working from home. Meanwhile, an additional 65 people on board a quarantined cruise ship have tested positive for the virus.

Here’s what we know:

● An additional 65 people on board the Diamond Princess have tested positive for the new coronavirus, Japan’s Health Ministry says, bringing to 135 the number of people who are known to have been infected. Pressure is mounting to test everyone on the cruise ship.

China reports 1,016 dead and about 42,600 cases of coronavirus. On Monday alone, officials recorded 108 deaths in mainland China, the most in a single day. More than 7,000 of the affected patients were in critical condition, authorities said Monday. There were 42 confirmed cases in Hong Kong, 10 in Macao and 18 in Taiwan.

● Britain announced new measures allowing the mandatory quarantine of those infected after the coronavirus outbreak was designated a “serious and imminent” threat to British health. Four more cases were confirmed in Britain, doubling its total number to eight.

● New Chinese research says the virus can be transmitted by saliva, urine and stool, as well as the usual viral route of respiratory droplets. It generally takes three days from the time of infection for symptoms to manifest, and 15 percent of the infected contract severe pneumonia.