China reported a moderate jump in coronavirus cases Saturday after a two-day surge that arose from Hubei province changing its method of counting diagnoses. The swell of cases had dented hopes that the deadly outbreak could be petering out.

With an additional 2,600 reported Saturday, the number of cases in mainland China has surged past 66,000, and the economic fallout is mounting. The latest casualties are flower sellers in the country, some of whom have seen their sales fall up to 95 percent on Valentine’s Day.

More places in Hubei province, the epicenter of the outbreak, are enacting “wartime” measures, such as sealing off residential complexes and allowing only essential vehicles on the roads. Authorities in Yunmeng county, where the new steps kicked in Friday morning, said that anyone attempting to breach the lockdown “at compounds, buildings or road connections” would be detained.

Here are the latest developments:

● Beijing announced a new rule requiring all residents returning to the city to self-quarantine for 14 days and warned that those who refused would be punished.

● A Japanese man who was recently diagnosed with coronavirus traveled to Hawaii from Jan. 28 through Feb. 7 and developed “cold-like symptoms” while he was there, state officials said.

● Japan has said that 10 people evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship are in serious condition, as the cruise industry braces for serious losses over coronavirus fears.

● China’s National Health Commission said more than 1,700 medical workers have been infected with coronavirus, six of whom have died, citing the latest available figures as of Tuesday.

● Egypt announced its first case of coronavirus Friday, marking the first confirmed instance of the virus in Africa.