Why Nicaragua and Syria didn’t join the Paris climate accord

The U.S. may join these two nations in standing outside the Paris agreement, but for very different reasons.

In a first, authorities say they found 750,000 ‘Captagon’ pills in France

The pill is said to be favored by fighters in Syria.

Trump said he would ‘take out’ the families of ISIS fighters. Did an airstrike in Syria do just that?

Monitoring groups say a coalition airstrike may have killed more than 40 children.


Tillerson: Russia won’t be back in the Group of Seven ‘any time’

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on May 24 said Russia won’t be allowed back in the Group of Seven major economies unless it respects “Ukrainian sovereignty.”


Tillerson: Trump wants NATO members to boost military spending

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on May 24 said President Trump plans to urge members of NATO to increase their financial contribution to the military alliance. Trump will take part in a meeting of NATO leaders in Brussels on May 25.


Trump targets Iran in terrorism speech

President Trump said Iran is responsible for destabilizing the Middle East and supporting the Assad regime in Syria during a speech on May 21 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


U.S. launches rare intentional strike on pro-government forces in Syria

(Hassan Ammar / AP)

Attack came in response to advance toward U.S. garrison near border with Iraq

Erdogan’s big meeting with Trump gets obscured by White House chaos

Scandals in the White House clouded the first meeting between two controversial leaders.

‘I still have nightmares’: Voices from inside Assad’s torture network in Syria

Former prisoners describe the brutality in Syrian military hospitals: “It’s not easy to describe the pain and humiliation of torture.“


U.S. says Syria built crematorium to handle mass prisoner killings

Officials said Russia and Iran, although not directly involved in cremations, are complicit in Syrian government atrocities.