The many things Trump didn’t accomplish in the latest Syria strike

Trump hailed the success of a punitive strike on Assad's forces, but most onlookers are unimpressed.


U.S. plans to impose sanctions on Russia over alleged chemical weapons use in Syria

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The United States’ U.N. envoy suggested there are no plans to pare down the American presence in Syria.


After Syria strikes, Trump administration weighs more sanctions on Russia

After President Trump authorized airstrikes against Syrian chemical weapons facilities on April 13, lawmakers and Trump administration officials weighed in on the attack.

6 basic questions about the war in Syria

As the United States prepares for another potential strike on the Syrian regime, here is how the world arrived at the current crisis.


Nikki Haley says new sanctions on Russia are ahead

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The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said on “Face the Nation” that sanctions against Russia will be announced by Monday.


The Real Worry for Oil Prices Isn’t Missiles Over Syria: Gadfly

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Rising geopolitical tensions in the Middle East have already boosted oil prices and there is plenty of scope for them to move higher still. That an oil price spike would follow Western missiles launched at Syria seems a foregone conclusion. But for prices to really keep moving higher, the U.S. would have to take serious action against Syria’s key sponsors: Russia and Iran.


‘Big price to pay’: Inside Trump’s decision to bomb Syria

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Even with Trump’s jubilant response to the strikes, several advisers close to the president said they had no indication there was a long-term strategy for the region.


President Trump declares victory as Pentagon details U.S.-led strikes in Syria

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A senior Pentagon official told reporters that the Syrian government still retains a “residual” chemical capability after the attack.


Lawmakers agree there should be a ‘strategy’ on Syria — but what that should be is an open question

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Leaders sharply divided over whether the strikes were legal, a debate that is likely to resurface when senators tackle a new AUMF later this month.


Details emerge about the Syrian sites the U.S., U.K. and France targeted

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Pentagon says attack will set back Syrian chemical weapons capabilities “for years.”