Trump to lay out vision of U.S. role in the world, focusing on ‘outcomes, not ideology’

(Evan Vucci / AP)

The president’s nationalist agenda has led to widespread anxiety among the American allies and partners gathered for the U.N. General Assembly.

How far could the dangerous endgame in eastern Syria go?

The U.S., Russia, Iran, Syria and a host of proxy forces are in a high-stakes race to seize territory.

It’s time to drop the myth of ‘Donald the Dove’

In Afghanistan, President Trump has again decided to expand a war.

Syria’s Assad has become an icon of the far right in America

The far right's admiration for Assad has become increasingly pronounced in recent months.


Under Trump, gains against ISIS have ‘dramatically accelerated’


A State Department special envoy said new policies are leading to rapid gains against the militants in Syria and Iraq.


Fact Check: Are border crossings down 78 percent because of the Trump administration?

The president continues to use data incorrectly with his claim that border crossings have decreased significantly.

There’s plenty of Trump-Russia collusion — in Syria

Trump may have his hands tied as the Syrian endgame comes into focus.


Cooperation with Russia becomes central to Trump strategy in Syria

(George Ourfalian / AFP/Getty Images)

Some argue that the Kremlin cannot be trusted to implement a deal that would allow the U.S. to focus on the Islamic State.


A battered ISIS grows ever more dependent on lone wolves, simple plans

(Geert Vanden Wijngaert / AP)

The Islamic State is leaning on “low-key losers” to do the killing, analysts say.


Sessions says he will remain in role as attorney general

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he is "totally confident that we can continue to run this office in an effective way" on July 20 after President Trump criticized Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia probe.