The anti-terrorism bill could further efface the memory of the virtually forgotten Paris massacre of Oct. 17, 1961, among the bloodiest assaults on protesters in modern history.

The election boosted parties that have emphasized resistance to immigration and multiculturalism.

The Catalan president would not clarify independence plans and called for more dialogue with an increasingly impatient Madrid.

The Russian leader used a major speech to list the Kremlin’s grievances against the United States.

Ksenia Sobchak is a former protest leader and TV personality. The Kremlin may see her as a safe protest vote.

Despite last month’s ban, many see the giant ride-sharing service as an unstoppable part of the future.

On social media, women have stepped forward to share accounts of abuse and harassment they have faced.

The Czech Republic is poised to elect a man whose pitch mirrors that of the U.S. president.

Investigators said they hadn’t received any official complaints. Maxim Lapunov is the first.

Spanish authorities have given the region until Thursday to decide, but their patience is wearing thin.

Sebastian Kurz, the 31-year-old foreign minister, was positioned to become the next chancellor.

European leaders seek to keep the landmark nuclear accord on track in another sign of deep policy rifts with the Trump administration.

The election reveals just how far toward the margins politics in Europe have shifted.

There is more murkiness than clarity after Catalonia’s leader said he would delay announcing its independence to have more talks with Spain.

Vitali Shkliarov campaigned for Obama and Sanders. His ideas helped boost liberals in Moscow elections last month.

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