The French Senate report said that only one of 12 planned centers has opened, and it is still empty.

The U.K. Independence Party was defeated even as Labour lost a seat held since 1935.

A crucial vote Thursday could reveal the depth of political change in Brexit’s wake.

Questions have been raised about how he might have slipped through the surveillance net.

Dmytro Firtash, a gas magnate, faces U.S. bribery charges.

Other U.S. presidents have been accorded the honor. But Trump is the first to be invited within a week of taking office.

The vice president’s silence on the European Union may fuel fears among allies.

Emmanuel Macron, who has no party affiliation, is counting on support from voters shocked by Brexit and Trump.

Russian politicians, reporters, others are disappointed that the Trump era has brought little change in relations.

The tough speech came in front of top Trump Cabinet officials on their first visits to Europe.

After a meeting of foreign ministers from the G-20 major economies, diplomats were reassured that U.S. foreign policy would not fall to a wrecking ball.

The Social Democrats (SPD) have bounced back under the charismatic Martin Schulz.

The new secretary of state met his Russian counterpart in Bonn for the first time and took a firm line on Moscow’s intervention in Ukraine.

The chancellor and her defense minister acknowledged that the country is not doing enough.

He is to meet with the Russian foreign minister and be in ‘listening mode’ at talks on Syria and Yemen.

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