The decision relieved immediate fears of a global trade war and calmed U.S. allies.

France’s powerful rail union plans ongoing work stoppages over government attempts to overhaul the country’s tightly regulated labor markets.

Companies would be taxed where their users live, not at their headquarters.

One town shows how rivals can set aside ideological differences and run against one-party rule.

Authorities say he illegally accepted $68.5 million to finance his presidential campaign.

The decision puts the Belgian government in the position of picking ideological winners and losers among strains of Islam.

“These elections were the last ones,” one prominent nationalist said.

His term will extend to 2024, but a lingering question concerns the size of the turnout.

‘Adventurism abroad’ could be the key to the Russian president’s ability to manage problems at home.

These niche performers are the new vanguard pushing back against curbs on expression in Europe.

The move comes three days after British Prime Minister Theresa May announced the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats.

Serge and Beate Klarsfeld are dismayed by rising nationalism and xenophobia.

Boris Johnson’s claim came as the Russian foreign minister confirmed British diplomats will be expelled.

President Trump joined Britain’s Theresa May, France’s Emmanuel Macron and Germany’s Angela Merkel in a statement pointing to Russia for the poisoning of a former spy living in Britain.

The increases, which reflect the group’s 10-year funding plan, come amid Trump’s pressure on allies to boost their military commitments.

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