Critics point to a litany of failures.

The bloc is losing the chance to hit its ambitious vaccination targets that would ease the pandemic.

Putin, under pressure from the oppostion leader’s social media network, said sites are “de facto competing with states.”

Dutch government won’t bow to ‘scum’ rioters after third night of violent protests in response to a new coronavirus curfew, official says.

The moves come as two manufacturers said they would have to delay deliveries of their vaccines.

The findings will have implications for the world.

He also worked on many James Bond films but said the Mini Cooper jump between two Fiat factory roofs in “The Italian Job” was his favorite stunt.

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Conte directed pandemic decision-making while trying to hold warring political factions together.

Hundreds of millions of full-time jobs disappeared last year because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report by the International Labor Organization. But the wealthiest people got even richer, according to Oxfam.

Rioters attacked police and vandalized property in at least 10 regions in the Netherlands in some of the worst violence in years.

A country that prides itself on its welfare system has seen a proliferation of food banks for students.

Police made widespread arrests as protests took place from the Far East to Moscow in a powerful message to the Kremlin.

Since 2012, Vladimir Putin’s regime keeps getting tougher in trying to crush the president’s opponents. The protesters keep on coming back.

Cases are exploding exponentially and lockdowns may not be enough.

The variant, already spreading around the world, was previously reported to be only more contagious.

The warning and the arrests triggered an outpouring of support for the jailed opposition leader from prominent Russians who usually shun politics.

In an inaugural address that pleaded for unity, President Biden identified an enemy.

European leaders fear the U.K. variant and others could overwhelm their medical systems.

President Biden’s redecorating has caused a bit of a bust-up.

The alliance leader said he looked forward to cooperation and calmer ties with the Biden administration.

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