In this occasional series, we take a look at what is at stake in the upcoming German election.

A week before a planned referendum, tensions have escalated between Madrid and Barcelona.

She called for a two-year “implementation period” after Britain’s scheduled break with the European Union in 2019.

A new opposition leader emerges in the France of Emmanuel Macron.

The company vowed to fight the decision in court.

The young have known only one chancellor, and they trust her to resolve international chaos.

  • Analysis

So far the split between the country and Europe has been public, embarrassing and messy.

She’s expected to win Sunday elections as attention turns to her legacy after 12 years in power.

The Russian Defense Ministry denied the claim of injured onlookers as “purposeful provocation.”

Few of the country’s million-plus newcomers have become involved in German politics. Will that change?

NATO expressed concern about the size of the war games, which Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally observing.

Sadiq Khan believes taxing the empty properties could ease the city’s affordable housing shortage. Others aren’t so sure.

Authorities have detained two men and searched multiple properties. 

An improvised device exploded during morning rush hour in what authorities called a terrorist incident.

Western leaders have expressed concern about the size and scope of the Zapad exercises.

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