The party placed third in Sunday’s national elections.

The announcement means that voters who want to leave the European Union won’t have to decide between two candidates.

Polish officials are primarily objecting to a map that “places several German Nazi concentration camps within modern-day Poland’s borders," according to the prime minister's complaint.

Russian historian Oleg Sokolev is facing charges for the gruesome murder of his young protege.

Campaigners against taxing menstrual items say women have no choice whether to get their period or not. The issue has also become part of debates over the European Union and taxation rights.

Regardless of how far from Germany the wall segments travel, the message, said curators and historians, always hits close to home.

About 16,900 people have returned home through the program in the past three years.

President Trump appears unlikely to be pleased with the German target date of 2031 for defense spending to reach 2 percent of GDP, and he may want a higher level than that anyway.

The commemorations of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany take place in May — the “middle of political season,” Trump noted.

The secretary of state is marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall at a time of strains in the transatlantic relationship.

Passionate protesters are in the streets, but some consider the cause as tiresome as Brexit.

The International Court of Justice found that Ukraine tried to negotiate a settlement but that the talks had broken down.

"30 years on, the enlargement of the EU and NATO — even the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 — seem much less significant historically than China’s spectacular rise after 1989," wrote historian Niall Ferguson.

The French president warned that the alliance can no longer coordinate strategically and said its promise of collective defense is now uncertain.

Discontent is high among young Germans in the east without memory of the communist state.

After reports emerged in August that Trump wanted to purchase Greenland, the Danish government swiftly rejected the idea as "absurd."

“I want to make the Italian education system the first education system that puts the environment and society at the core of everything we learn in school," Italian Education Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti said.

Johnson is hopeful that the Dec. 12 general election will break the long impasse over Brexit.

“What on earth do they have to hide?” asked one opposition politician about the report, which could be released after the upcoming election.

A provocative antiwar installation led to threats and a fearful departure from Kyiv.

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