The meeting in the city of Koblenz is seen as a show of force targeting the European Union.

It’s as though they’re about to welcome the 45th president of Russia.

Iran, Russia and climate change are among the potential flash points in transatlantic ties.

In a quip, the Russian president also praised his country’s prostitutes. 

During the Balkan conflict, he disobeyed orders to fight and was convicted of treason.

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Trump said that he didn’t care about the future of the E.U. and that NATO was obsolete.

An Italian journalist says little has changed in how the Vatican handles sex abuse cases.

While the bloc is at risk of falling apart, some lawmakers are opting for business as usual.

Britain’s exit from the E.U. could mean big changes for its only continental enclave.

Russia is tempering expectations for better U.S. ties.

Antony Armstrong-Jones acquired a title after marrying into royalty, then went through headline-grabbing divorce.

Milos Zeman, long seen as pro-Russian, could be the new U.S. president’s man in Europe.

He embraced economic reform and stressed the need to remember the Holocaust.

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  • Jan 11
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The Kremlin called claims of a dossier on Donald Trump “absolute fantasy.”

Martin McGuinness's resignation could trigger fresh elections in Northern Ireland.

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