The confirmation that Pegasus was directed against the ministers underscores the degree to which spyware developed by the Israeli company NSO Group has been used to penetrate the top reaches of a powerful democracy.

The debate comes as Gabby Petito's death dominates public attention in the United States, much like the murder of Sarah Everard did in the UK.

The limited-edition bear has already sold out ahead of Germany's election on Sunday.

France’s Macron and Italy’s Draghi may see more influence.

At least 18 bullets hit the car of Serhiy Shefir, one of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s closest allies.

Armin Laschet has campaigned poorly, threatening Merkel’s legacy.

Johnson will be using a visit to the U.N. General Assembly to prepare the ground for the climate summit he is hosting in November.

The prime minister has dodged the question for years.

The accident that killed Dunn became a diplomatic dispute. A criminal case is still pending.

There are growing fears in Germany about an increasingly radicalizing base of coronavirus deniers and anti-mandate activists.

The announcement comes as the European court of human rights implicated Russia in another political assassination.

The chaos was triggered by the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit.

This wasn't the atmosphere Biden hoped for before his first address to the United Nations as president.

The opposition has faulted a new online voting system that it says delivered the election to the ruling party in many areas.

European leaders had been incensed by the restrictions imposed by Trump and kept in place by Biden.

Such mass shootings are relatively rare in Russia, which has strict laws on civilian gun ownership.

Videos and photos showed streams of bright orange lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano flowing through streets, engulfing houses and roads.

She’s been dead eight years.

How Germans will pick the successor to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Dutch are still the world’s tallest population, but the growth that has seen the country top global height charts for decades appears to have ground to a halt. Scientists have offered a number of potential explanations.

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