The country’s impasse could be broken after the Christian Democratic Union indicated it would be open to a deal.

Germany’s president called for talks to continue. But jockeying before a possible new vote has begun.

Delphine Horvilleur, a married mother of three, is not recognized by French Jewish leaders. But her modernization campaign is gaining significant ground.

Eager to work around the Trump White House, European officials are courting governors and big-city mayors.

Organizations that clear mines face faulty and incomplete information.

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Evidence that Russian entities bombarded British targets through social media was splashed on nightly news and front pages.

The unanimous vote came in retaliation for U.S. action against Russia’s RT news channel.

Vladimir Putin’s $50 billion dream of a year-round resort may have come true.

The allegations by prime ministers Theresa May and Mariano Rajoy contrast sharply with Trump’s stance.

New legislation could impose restrictions on any news media in Russia that receives foreign funding, whether private or public.

The deal is an effort to give the European Union the same clout on defense that it has long held on economics.

Despite its green reputation, the nation is struggling with an addiction to one of the dirtiest fuels.

Belgian officials are in the unusual position of boosting certain strains of Islamic faith over others.

Lawmakers will take up changes to the Russian law on foreign agents to extend it to the news media, a senior politician said.

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