In Japan, allegations emerge that Nissan secretly spent huge sums buying Ghosn luxury homes around the world.

Huge crowds blocked roads across the country Saturday to protest diesel fuel tax hikes that they blame on the “president of the rich.”

Is Theresa May looking backward while the public has moved on?

E.U. leaders say the troubled agreement is the result of Britain’s own demands.

More than 1,300 statues of Lenin have come down in Ukraine under its “decommunization” law, leaving authorities to figure out how to fill the voids in city squares and town centers. 

The prime minister was on the defensive in a day that began with the resignation of her Brexit minister.

The plan still requires European and British Parliament endorsement.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is vying to become the nation’s next leader, with Merkel’s tacit blessing.

Prime Minister Theresa May will present the deal to her cabinet on Wednesday.

Britain’s future has divided the siblings and their father.

The French president spoke as 60 world leaders gathered in Paris to mark Armistice Day.

But the country’s economy faces such major obstacles as an aging population, red tape and brain drain.

The U.S. president, engaged in several political fights back in Washington, seemed subdued as he began a pared down weekend of ceremonies to mark World War I.

But the continent may be too divided to accept a single vision.

The meeting was a win for Moscow as it seeks to regain former glory as a regional power broker.

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