“I know what I’m risking,” Carola Rackete said.

Facilities are bare-bones, classes are big and professor salaries are low.

Worries about eroding democracy now loom over the grounds.

Without a comprehensive plan, European countries have fought about what to do in each case.

“Who needs creme brulee?”

This has become the strangest kind of election.

The Nigerian mafia has built Italy into a European hub, smuggling cocaine from South America, heroin from Asia, and trafficking women by the tens of thousands.

So many unexploded bombs remain in Germany that finding and disabling them has become a regular but dangerous occurrence.

The defeat of the ruling party's chosen candidate in a rerun vote was a blow to Turkey's president and his brand of majoritarian politics.

The president’s political gifts, including his ability to mobilize his sizable base of supporters, failed him in his hometown.  

A March election was narrowly won by an opposition candidate. The result was tossed out after a ruling party challenge.

Police were called to the London residence where Johnson is living with his girlfriend.

A polar bear, initially believed to have wandered hundreds of miles from the Arctic, instead may have been raised in captivity by pelt traders, experts say.

MP Mark Field apologized and said he thought the Greenpeace activist could have been armed.

On his annual call-in show, the president tried to burnish his image as a champion of the common Russian.

Since the former Marine was arrested in December, the U.S. president has kept quiet on the matter.

The incidents have shocked a country that had hoped to have overcome the worst tensions triggered by the 2015 influx of refugees.

Security officials warn that inaction could enable future attacks.

But the suspects in the 2014 Malaysia Airlines disaster are believed to be out of the reach of Dutch prosecutors.

Recently, Putin has chosen to avoid conflict amid protests. The concessions, however, only go so far.

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