The attacks on gay rights have replaced rhetoric against migrants.

The German chancellor is the latest foreign official to condemn President Trump's comments and show her support for the Somali-born U.S. congresswoman.

Afghanistan’s top diplomat in Moscow is translating Russian literary classics into Pashto for the first time. 

History may not be kind to this prime minister.

Volodymyr Zelensky hopes to replicate his landslide presidential victory in the parliamentary elections.

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Three stories from the other Frankfurt.

'Go Home' vans drove through London in 2013 as part of a government campaign targeting illegal immigrants.

The Tory voters — whiter, richer and older than Britain as a whole — want Brexit and Boris Johnson.

“Seeing the not-so-imposing homes of his ancestors might bring him back to earth,” said Thomas Jaworek, the mayor of the town where Trump's grandfather was born.

She will be the first woman to serve as European Commission president.

Details of the weapons, long considered an open secret, were later removed from the report.

The missile did not have an explosive but still may have been usable, police said.

While Republicans have remained silent, Trump's tweets were branded “sickening” and “unacceptable” by politicians worldwide.

Britain isn’t the first nation to try to correct its history through banknotes. Here are five others.

Gay rights activists welcomed the announcement, saying it was “vital” to celebrate LGBT history.

Foreign ministers met in Brussels on Monday to try to salvage the nuclear agreement.

The levies, which Washington asserts are discriminatory, would be imposed on large companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon.

But the case differs from the scandal that brought down Austria’s government in May.

John F. Kennedy and François Mitterrand are among those who hid serious illnesses from the public.

But instead of solving one mystery, the exhumation uncovered another.

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