Famine in Somalia: How to help

Famine in parts of Somalia has killed tens of thousands of people, according to the United Nations, and millions in the region are in desperate need of food assistance.

Here are some organizations that are taking donations for the relief effort.



The Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya is extremely beyond capacity and the influx of new arrivals is straining already-limited resources. CARE delivers emergency aid to save lives in Somalia.

Catholic Relief Services


Somalia, Kenya and Ethi­o­pia are in need of humanitarian assistance due to drought. CRS is working to feed millions of people suffering from hunger in these countries.

ChildFund International

1-800-776-6767 or text RESPOND to 90999

ChildFund is working in Ethi­o­pia and Kenya to provide food, water and basic health services, with emphasis on the 0-5 age category, because of the vulnerability of the age group and lifelong implications of inadequate food intake.

Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres)


The Somali population — those in Somalia and the many who have fled to overcrowded camps in Kenya and Ethi­o­pia — is drastically affected by drought and famine. DWB is reinforcing its medical intervention in these areas.

International Relief and Development


International Relief and Development is working to provide clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene to drought-affected children and families.

Mercy Corps


Mercy Corps has teams on the ground in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya, providing food, water and other critical assistance to hungry families.

Oxfam America

800-77-OXFAM (800-776-9326). Outside the U.S.: 617-482-1211

Every day, 3,500 Somalis are fleeing their country for refuge in Ethiopia and Kenya. Oxfam is aiming to reach three million people with water, sanitation services and food.

Relief International


On the ground in Somalia since 2007, Relief International is expanding feeding centers and emergency health clinics to save thousands of hungry families from the threat of starvation.

Samaritan’s Purse


Samaritan’s Purse is working in Kenya, near the Somalia border, to provide food and other aid for thousands of vulnerable families affected by devastating drought.

Save the Children


Hundreds of thousands of Somali children are severely and acutely malnourished inside Somalia. Save the Children aims to reach half a million of the most vulnerable children and their families with vital help, including food aid, nutritional support, water and health care.


UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency, runs refugee camps in Somalia and Ethiopia and across east Africa, where famine-stricken Somalis are fleeing to receive lifesaving aid from UNHCR and its partner organizations.

Text SOMALIA to 80000 to make a $10 donation.

U.N. World Food Program


The World Food Program has declared a corporate emergency, elevating the crisis to the highest level of action and indicating grave concern about the possibility of widespread loss of life. The program is moving to airlift supplies and food to hungry populations.

UNICEF United States Fund

800-FOR-KIDS (800-367-5437)

UNICEF is on the ground in refugee camps in Kenya and Ethi­o­pia, delivering lifesaving nutritional support and other basic supplies to keep vulnerable children alive and prevent disease.

World Concern


World Concern is working on both sides of the Somalia/Kenya border to provide emergency food, water and supplies to the most vulnerable and underserved families affected by the famine.

World Vision


World Vision has launched an emergency response to the drought and food crisis, working to provide life-saving essentials to the most vulnerable children and families.

— Alison Lake