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The struggle of the Ghattas family and their humble manousheh is the story of Lebanon.

They’re trying to reach the grave of their movement’s founder for Rosh Hashanah. Ukraine has closed the border to foreigners.

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The agreement, called the Abraham Accords, lays the ground for diplomatic, economic and other ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Even as Israelis welcome the breakthrough agreement, they worry about losing their military edge.

The two big deals trumpeted by the White House this month are not the victories for “peace” that Trump claims they are.

A growing number of Arab nations are contemplating normalizing ties with Israel, no matter the absence of an independent Palestinian state.

The new restrictions are set to begin Friday, coinciding with the start of a month of Jewish holy festivals.

As the coronavirus spreads, health restrictions have robbed Gazans of their few ways to lift the sense of siege.

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Almost two decades later, the events of 9/11 — and the wars that followed — seem increasingly distant as the world grapples with a pandemic and climate change.

Authorities have not revealed a cause of the fire, which burned oil and tires at the port’s duty-free zone.

After the explosion, many show signs of extreme stress, including flashbacks and difficulty sleeping.

Israeli media has reported that the mystery buyer is GOP superdonor Sheldon Adelson.

The report said the British Iranian dual national, who has served almost five years in prison, appeared in court Tuesday.

“What the military came to understand over the past four years is that, for all Trump’s talk of patriotism, he truly is transactional.”

Efforts to contain the spiraling outbreak are largely focused on religious areas, where it’s centered.

The city had been gripped by news that a rescue dog had detected possible signs of life in the rubble.

New data disproves the hysteria of Merkel’s anti-immigration critics and tells an integration success story.

A Chilean team, working with a dog named Flash, detected the possible survivor trapped below wreckage in the neighborhood of Gemmayze, local media reported, prompting a flurry of activity at the scene.

Even after serving previous prison terms over charges related to his work, Rajabian has approached the upcoming trial with defiance.

The defeat of Khalifa Hifter has touched off a contest for power and wealth among rival militias and political figures.

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