Items left behind by militants suggest a detailed level of military planning and training.

Children are dying as conflict pushes the Middle East’s poorest country closer to a famine.

Hundreds feared missing amid mass detentions; dozens reported killed in government shelling.

After months of siege, food is running out as people must decide whether to flee or stay.

Iraqi commanders are grappling with the effects of the decision to let civilians stay. 

At least 10,000 civilians have fled the push by government forces, backed by Russian warplanes.

The symbolically important city has seen the largest exodus of civilians since the war began.

Israeli troops were first attacked by Islamic State affiliates fighting along the Syrian border.

Both sides decry the practice as inhumane and a violation of international law.

During the Mosul offensive, militants have tried to carry out large-scale attacks in other parts of Iraq.

The call to join the new Fifth Legion highlights the extent of attrition in the armed forces.

Many warn that his presidency will embolden regional strongmen who are already stifling dissent.

Israel’s supreme court has set a deadline for people to get out before demolition begins.

With religiously motivated fighters, Tehran is likely to play a key role in the war-torn country for years.

The death toll ratchets up as the Syrian government calls the city a military priority.

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