The French national is alleged to have used a diplomatic vehicle to smuggle pistols and rifles from Hamas-controlled Gaza to the West Bank.  

Turkish forces launched an operation nearly two months ago to oust Kurdish fighters from the area.

A senior U.N. official described “disturbing” reports that incendiary and chemical weapons have been used against civilians in the Eastern Ghouta area, creating a “hell on earth.”

The exodus was the first major departure of civilians from the Eastern Ghouta enclave and came after fierce bombardments.

Palestinian authorities held Hamas, which controls Gaza, responsible, athough the Islamist group condemned attack.

Sissi’s sole challenger is a person who backed him to become president again. The polls are the latest sign of a key Trump ally’s growing authoritarianism.

The Trump administration has told Ankara it will move to rein in Kurdish fighters who have been the backbone of the U.S. campaign against the Islamic State in Syria.

A scramble for territory has pitted the rebels against Kurdish fighters, and both sides have traded accusations of war crimes.

The decision cuts a lifeline for civilians caught between government forces and rebels in Eastern Ghouta.

The enclave outside Damascus has been suffering for weeks amid a punishing government assault.

A five-hour Russian window for delivering aid and evacuating civilians failed to bring relief to the besieged area despite a new push to halt the bloodshed.

More than 500 people have been killed in the past seven days in Eastern Ghouta, the United Nations said, even as world powers called for a cease-fire.

Warplanes continued to bombard the suburb east of Damascus and one allegedly dropped a chlorine bomb.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat wants to tax church properties; the church says they should be protected by international law.

Doctors say the bombardment by forces loyal to Assad was worse than anything they had seen in six years of war.

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