Baldwin made an impression in Turkey, but signs of his decade there are now hard to find.

Iraq’s prime minister said the airstrikes were in response to bombings in Baghdad. 

The blast came after rebels recaptured al-Bab. In eastern Syria, Iraqi warplanes hit Islamic State sites.

Fresh fighting is dramatically worsening an already dire human toll. U.N. issues appeals for help.

Foreign Ministry calls rights group “anti-Israel” and blocks its U.S.-based investigator

The U.S. and its allies have suspended aid to the rebels to get them to unite against al-Qaeda, but instead they are being overrun by it.

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The victory follows a long and bloody operation to drive the militants from Turkey’s border.

The militant group is taking advantage of widespread corruption to reestablish roots in areas retaken by security forces. 

Many Israelis call the sergeant a national hero, but a military court dismissed his claim that he feared for his safety.

The attack last week underscores the growing death toll among Russian troops supporting the Assad government.

In the dense western half of the city, attacking forces face daunting challenges.

Don Jr. and Eric were the guests of honor at the first Trump-branded golf resort in the Arab world owned by one of their father's partners and close friends.

Workers are putting on the final touches ahead of the closed-door event Saturday.

Ahead of an election, critics slammed the president’s pro-diplomacy approach to global affairs.

Some saw a new day in the president’s remarks on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But others weren’t so sure.

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