Greek conservationists worked for nine months to clean and renovate the shrine above the cave believed to be his burial place. 

Security officials cite potential threats from terrorists seeking to hide explosives in laptops and other portable electronics.

The offensive surprised the government at a time when it thought it was winning the war.

Political rivalries have erupted into armed clashes, and Yazidis say they are stuck in the middle.

The Israeli occupation in the West Bank threatens centuries-old pastoral life, experts say.

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More than a third of the 40,000 archaeological finds in the Holy Land each year are related to Christianity.

The international community has tried for years to stop Israeli settlements. This organization prevailed.

Local activists and a monitoring group said an airstrike on a mosque killed dozens.

It was unclear who carried out the attack along a growing migrant route from the war-ravaged country.

Rima Khalaf, a U.N. undersecretary general, said she resigned after she was pressured to withdraw the document, which criticized Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

Israeli antimissile fire downed a Syrian rocket. The incident marks a serious escalation between the Middle East foes.

Explosions occurred outside a courthouse and at a restaurant in the capital.

While the ruling is nonbinding, it sets a precedent on a continent gripped by anti-immigrant sentiment.

The visit of Jason Greenblatt to the region indicates Trump’s determination to find a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

On the eve of the conflict’s sixth anniversary, aid groups say lifesaving aid has almost stopped.

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