The vessel stopped in Iranian waters and then switched off its transponder amid heightened tensions along the waterway.

Foreign ministers met in Brussels on Monday to try to salvage the nuclear agreement.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said Saturday that he held a “constructive call” with his Iranian counterpart on the need to defuse tensions.

A spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry questioned the legal basis for detaining the ship, which royal marines seized off the coast of Gibraltar last week.

The acquisition of the antiaircraft missiles is expected to trigger U.S. sanctions over military purchases from Russia.

Turkey's acquisition of the Russian system threatens to unravel a critical military partnership with the United States.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard denied involvement in this latest escalation in the Persian Gulf.

The bloody Iran-Iraq war from 1980 to 1988 also played out at sea.

Iran said it will not reverse its decision to enrich uranium beyond the levels set by the 2015 nuclear deal.

A sharp increase in tensions has exposed differences between Washington and its Arab allies over the best approach.

Tehran repeatedly warned it would begin dropping its commitments to the deal if Europe was unable to deliver economic benefits.

“That’s some really lazy photoshopping of the lobster,” tweeted one user.

The uranium stockpile and enrichment limits are a relatively minor element of the agreement.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, however, said this and other measures violating the 2015 nuclear deal were ‘reversible.’

The involvement of notorious military leaders in Sudan’s planned transition to civilian rule recalls recent failures in democratic reform in Arab Spring countries.

Tunisia has a long history of grappling with the place of the niqab in society, often associating the garment with security risks.

The detention of the ship near Gibraltar is the first such seizure under E.U. sanctions targeting supplies to Syria.

Suheib Yousef said Hamas leaders abroad spend $200 in a restaurant while Gaza families live on less than $100 a month.

Iran argues that it should not be bound by the limits of the nuclear deal if it does not get relief from U.S. sanctions.

Some of those killed were supposed to leave Libya through a voluntary U.N. program in the coming days.

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