After years in ISIS prison camp, they now face an uncertain welcome home

Thousands of people have finally returned from their ISIS detention camp to Iraq. But getting them home will be another story.

By Louisa Loveluck and Mustafa SalimJuly 5, 2022

U.S. concludes unintentional Israeli fire likely killed American journalist

The bullet was too badly damaged to reach a definitive conclusion of its origin, but based on the investigations, the State Department said it came from Israeli positions.

By Shira RubinJuly 4, 2022

Judge asks U.S. if Saudi crown prince should be immune from suit

The order comes days before Biden is scheduled to visit Saudi Arabia, a trip that has prompted accusations of Biden reversing his promise to make the country a "pariah" after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

By Kareem Fahim and Amy B WangJuly 3, 2022

Egypt’s historic houseboats are demolished as Cairo is remade

The houseboats have been scenes of history, hosting diplomats, German spies, belly dancers and generations of residents trying to escape Cairo's noise and heat.

By Heba Farouk Mahfouz and Paul SchemmJuly 2, 2022

War in Ukraine may threaten displaced Syrians’ lifeline

The aid lifeline for millions of people in northern Syria is up for debate in the Security Council, during worsening tensions over war in Ukraine.

By Kareem FahimJuly 1, 2022

Resistance builds in Tunisia as populist leader seeks more power

In the year since the president made a power grab, he has implemented a slow-burn rollback of Tunisia’s democratic gains and opposition is growing.

By Claire ParkerJuly 1, 2022

Ben & Jerry’s back in West Bank settlements, East Jerusalem

Ben & Jerry's said it did not agree with the deal reached by its parent company, Unilever.

By Shira RubinJune 30, 2022

Slain journalist’s brother seeks U.S. help holding Israel to account

President Biden will visit Israel on July 14, and Shireen Abu Akleh's brother said he hopes the issue will be addressed in talks with the Israeli government.

By Shira RubinJune 29, 2022

Israel loosens abortion law restrictions after Roe v. Wade decision

Previously, Israeli women could have an abortion only after undergoing an approval hearing with doctors and a social worker.

By Shira RubinJune 28, 2022

Chlorine gas leak at port in Jordan kills at least 13, injures hundreds

A tank was dropped by a crane at the port of Aqaba, sending plumes of toxic yellow gas into the air.

By Rachel PannettJune 28, 2022

U.N. rights body says Israeli soldiers killed American journalist in West Bank

Israeli authorities originally said the fatal shots came from Palestinian gunmen.

By Shira Rubin and Kareem FahimJune 24, 2022

Afghanistan endures yet another deadly shock

The tragedy of Wednesday’s earthquake is compounded by Afghanistan’s political isolation and economic unraveling.

By Ishaan TharoorJune 24, 2022

Amid criticism, Western tourists returning to a battered Syria

This summer locals and tour guides report increasing numbers of European tourists ready to once again explore Syria's sights.

By Sarah DadouchJune 23, 2022

Turkey’s Erdogan hosts Saudi crown prince, ending rift over Khashoggi murder

Turkey was once a leading critic of Saudi Arabia after Khashoggi's murder, but an economic crisis has left it open to improving ties.

By Kareem Fahim and Zeynep KaratasJune 22, 2022

Netanyahu prepares for a comeback in Israel’s next elections

The former Israeli prime minister is hoping for decisive outcome in the upcoming Knesset elections by galvanizing the country’s right wing.

By Shira RubinJune 21, 2022

Iraq’s wild-card cleric upends politics as summer’s heat descends

Moqtada al-Sadr is characterizing his withdrawal from parliament as an indictment of a dysfunctional political system created by the U.S. invasion.

By Louisa Loveluck and Mustafa SalimJune 21, 2022

Israeli leader to dissolve Knesset and set stage for new elections

The nation is headed to its fifth election in less than four years as the coalition broke.

By Shira RubinJune 20, 2022

Israel is hoping its gas will finally make it part of the Middle East

After decades of cold peace, Israel's natural gas ventures are binding it closer to its once-hostile neighbors.

By Shira RubinJune 20, 2022

U.N. turns to crowdfunding to salvage oil tanker decaying off Yemen

After years of trying to get the warring parties to agree to a plan to salvage the massive tanker, the U.N. now doesn't have the funds to implement it.

By Ellen Francis and Sarah DadouchJune 18, 2022

In Saudi crackdown on LGBTQ expression, even rainbow toys aren’t safe

As the United States celebrates Pride Month, Saudi Arabia is targeting rainbow-colored objects and movies that feature LGBTQ characters.

By Annabelle Timsit and Sarah DadouchJune 16, 2022