Russia’s harsh critique of Israel’s role raises questions about their alliance in the future.

Ankara fears a regime offensive in Idlib could send refugees racing to the border and fuel new militancy.

Ismail al-Ithawi was the highest-ranking member of the Islamic State to stand trial in Iraq.

The deal has been welcomed as a chance to avert widespread bloodshed, but it is so short on details that it is unclear whether it will work.

An Israeli strike triggered a Syrian response in which a Russian surveillance plane in the area was hit.

At least a dozen women have accused David Keyes of inappropriate behavior.

Palestinians also accused the United States of covering for “war criminals” by blocking International Criminal Court cases against Israel.

Palestinian officials vowed to fight what they called bullying tactics and “collective punishment” of the Palestinian people.

Fears grow that Syrian and Russian forces could wage an all-out assault to try to retake Idlib province, touching off a potential humanitarian crisis.

A Tehran summit attended by the presidents of Russia, Turkey and Iran promised to shape one of the final battles of the Syrian war.

The clashes threaten to spread as calls for nationwide demonstrations grow and the political dispute goes to the supreme court.

A monitoring group said Russian warplanes struck a rebel-held city in northern Idlib province.

Commissioner General Pierre Krähenbühl said the United States is ending funding for political reasons.

The acceptance of responsibility follows mounting international pressure and outrage at the deaths of at least 40 Yemeni children in an Aug. 9 airstrike in northern Yemen.

Palestinian leaders condemned the action as a violation of international law and said the U.S. should have no role in the peace process because of its “bias.”

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