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The elite, U.S.-trained Golden Division is proving to be Iraq’s best weapon.

In the wake of a failed coup, the little space left for other voices has all but disappeared.

The government denies allegations of beatings and other violations amid a crackdown.

A crackdown by the government has left the democratic opposition and secularists uneasy.

Despite deadly attacks and criticism from the world, some people want to keep building.

Hezbollah now fights like a regional military power after four years of war in Syria.

A crackdown touches nearly all of Turkey’s professions as authorities go after alleged coup supporters.

Many critics of President Erdogan fear his apparent power grab after a failed coup attempt.

German officials said the teen arrived in the country more than a year ago.

The U.S. military is investigating claims that as many as 160 people were killed.

Nearly 20,000 bureaucrats fired or detained; annual leave suspended for millions of civil servants.

The arrests suggest a crackdown on Erdogan opponents and raise concerns of more instability for a pivotal U.S. partner.

He said Turkish officials have assured him they will continue the fight.

More than 265 died as Turks poured into the streets to confront the rebel tanks.

Critics on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict blame social media for violence and hate.

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