Moscow accused U.S.-backed rebels of shelling positions where Russian forces were active amid competing offensives in the eastern Syrian desert.

The actions are an attempt to curb expansion by Iran and its Lebanese proxy.

The Islamic State is now under pressure from three sides in the desert region straddling Iraq and Syria.

The offensive is led by an al-Qaeda-linked group and is the biggest in the area since March, activists said.

The United States opposes next week’s Kurdish referendum, which could fuel tensions and disrupt the fight against ISIS.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Iran’s behavior on non-nuclear issues negates the deal’s spirit.

Despite massive U.S. aid, hundreds of soldiers and police have been killed by an emboldened ISIS affiliate.

Coming battles against the militant group include a vast region straddling Iraq and Syria.

Gunmen burst into a restaurant packed with pilgrims heading to Shiite shrines.

A failure to manage the post-conflict landscape could tear the country apart again, perhaps before the militants have been fully vanquished.

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  • Sep 13
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The Israeli prime minister is expected to push for changes to the deal at the U.N. General Assembly.

Cross-border assistance program is both humanitarian and strategic.

After suffering for nearly a decade, one woman said she had believed the ordeal was a test from God. 

Israel’s attorney general said Friday that he is considering indicting the prime minister’s wife, Sara, for fraud and breach of trust.

Thursday’s attack marked an escalation in Israel’s campaign against Hezbollah in Syria.

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