Daraa, where protests against the government first erupted in 2011, was the target of a brutal weeks-long offensive.

The “nation-state bill,” aimed at boosting Israel’s Jewish character, could end up denying equal rights to non-Jewish citizens. 

While European countries have spoken out, the United States has remained largely silent.

Many say their rights are being eroded even as shootings, stabbings and vehicle attacks by Palestinians against Israelis have slowed.

State media said the Syrian flag has been raised over the vital economic artery, which the government last controlled in 2015.

Diplomats are pushing for a cease-fire and peace talks, but the fighting has continued.

More than a quarter of a million people have fled violence in the last rebel stronghold without a foreign sponsor.

Madina’s life trajectory reflects the international allure and reach of the extremist group. 

The Israeli defense minister has offered help but has stopped short of saying that his country would become a haven.

Lebanese and Syrian officials have organized convoys to transport some refugees across the border.

AMMAN, Jordan — The Syrian government and rebel fighters have agreed to a cease-fire in the southern part of the country, a Jordanian official said Friday, amid fears of a gathering humanitarian catas...

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At least 17 people, including children, died in the bloodiest attack yet of a five-day-old government offensive as tens of thousands flee Russian airstrikes.

On the first trip to the region by a British royal in 70 years, Prince William took in the spirituality of the holy land.

Syrian government forces ramped up a battle plan that has forced rebels into submission.

The United Nations warned that the human exodus could double in the sensitive border region near Jordan and Israel.

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