Although the U.S. still allows humanitarian goods, foreign companies are skittish about doing business with Iranian firms.

The public prosecutor indicted 11 people in the killing but said there are no links to the powerful crown prince.

Avigdor Liberman’s resignation could lead Israel to early elections.

Conflict eases following an exchange of fire that rocked Gaza and surrounding Israeli communities.

National security adviser John Bolton said the recording, in which someone refers to a “boss” in Saudi Arabia, does not provide a link to Mohammed bin Salman.

Palestinian militants launched hundreds of rockets toward Israel, while Israeli fighter jets carried out raids.

The recording from Turkey purportedly captures the journalist’s death.

The decision to stop aerial refueling of Saudi jets was welcomed as a positive step, but few forecast a significant impact on the war.

Civilian casualties are mounting in Hodeida, and the clashes are nearing medical facilities, despite U.S. calls for a cease-fire.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said the evidence would be released to the public once an investigation is complete.

President Hassan Rouhani promised to “proudly break the sanctions,” and the United States warned that more pressure is on the way.

A Turkish official said investigators believe Saudi Arabia sent a “cleanup” team to cover up the killing.  

The U.S.-backed coalition struck the Yemeni capital and attacked a strategic port city.

Turkish investigators were pursuing the theory that Khashoggi’s body was destroyed in acid, a senior official said.

“We cannot leave this issue unsolved,” Erdogan says of Saudi journalist’s death.

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