A team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has been unable to begin a probe in Douma after an April 7 attack.

Gaza officials say at least four Palestinians have been killed in the latest round of unrest in the border zone.

Syrian doctors said victims of an alleged chemical attack were suffering from asthma as chemical weapons inspectors say they are being blocked from visiting Douma.

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Andrew Brunson’s supporters suggest that he is being held as a bargaining chip to be exchanged for Fethullah Gulen.

A day after U.S.-led strikes targeted his chemical weapons program, Assad greeted Russian lawmakers and celebrated his conquest of the town that his government allegedly attacked with poison gas.

There was jubilation on the streets of Damascus as it became clear that the airstrikes would have little effect on the trajectory of the war.

Israel has come under criticism for using live ammunition and sharpshooters against the demonstrations.

As news of prisoner releases circulated this week, their relatives grasped at every report. 

Missile strikes had appeared imminent after what the United States has called a poison gas attack on the town of Douma by the Syrian regime.

U.S.-led strikes against Syria may yet happen, but there are signs of a growing international effort to avert a wider confrontation.

The president warned of his intentions in an early-morning tweet.

Yaser Murtaja was shot while filming demonstrations at the Israeli-Gaza border on Friday

Iran says four of its military personnel died in a strike that Russia and Syria blamed on Israel.

A deal was reported that would allow the rebel fighters to pull out of their last major stronghold.

Israeli forces used gunfire and tear gas a week after deadly clashes along the Gaza fence. Palestinians said at least seven people were killed in the latest unrest.

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