The verdict against 6 of the 8 jailed conservationists came as Iran grappled with a wave of socioeconomic unrest.

Lawmakers have three weeks to craft a ruling coalition before a third election is called.

A war monitoring group reported 23 deaths, including Iranians.

The administration's decision to accept the legality of Israeli settlements is "untethered from any strategy" and all about domestic politics, says a former U.S. diplomat.

The rights group cited what it said was verified video footage and witness testimony amid a nationwide Internet blackout.

Palestinians plan emergency outreach to the U.N. Security Council and Arab neighbors.

Angry protests at home and in neighboring Iraq reveal a regime and political order under pressure.

Benny Gantz has two days left to assemble a governing coalition and unseat the prime minister.

Iraqis are no strangers to disinformation — or to humor as a tool to counter it.

Iran’s stuttering economy is beset by demonstrations over a 50 percent increase in fuel price.

Iran has limited Internet access after just one day of protests.

The attack hit the Turkish-controlled town of al-Bab as the Turkish military seeks to impose a buffer zone in the region.

In recent weeks, hundreds of people have died in protests worldwide.

Trump's thirst for Middle Eastern oil may be illegal. But he keeps invoking it anyway.

Gaza’s ruling Hamas faction stayed quiet as Israel targeted the rival Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Hamas, Gaza’s main authority, has not been targeted and has not launched its own rockets.

Analysts say the bond between both presidents is the only thing sustaining the U.S.-Turkey relationship. But that's also a problem.

Saudi's state security announced -- and then distanced itself from -- the designation at a time when protests for reform are rocking other Arab countries.

Schools were closed and civilians took shelter as militants launched rockets toward surrounding communities in response.

Liberal Israeli activists rally to defend Palestinian farmers against assaults and vandalism.

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