A German research group said it has “credibly substantiated” 336 uses of chemicals such as nerve agents and chlorine since 2012.

As northeastern Syria braces for a pending U.S. pullout, key power brokers say they will coordinate.

U.S.-backed forces expect within days to capture the final village still held by the militant group.

A bipartisan resolution is part of intensified congressional criticism of the kingdom’s human rights record.

Egypt's parliament could vote as early as Wednesday on constitutional amendments that would extend Sissi's rule.

The acting defense secretary’s visit followed controversy over President Trump’s comments linking the U.S. presence in Iraq to watching Iran.

Offensive for the village of Baghuz seeks to wipe out the final remnant of former “caliphate.”

Trump’s latest comments further dismayed even strong supporters of an active American presence in the country.

The act, designed to help American victims of terrorist attacks, could harm stability. 

The city’s flourishing drag scene invokes RuPaul, but with a Lebanese gloss all its own.

The territorial defeat of the Islamic State appears imminent as the group makes its last stand in a dot of dusty terrain along the banks of the Euphrates River.

A new raft of sanctions is targeting businessmen close to Assad seeking to redevelop war-damaged areas.

It has struck targets in Syria many times but usually does not confirm the operations.

A cease-fire deal had called for the removal of extremists. Instead, they have consolidated power.

The bombing in the northern city of Manbij showed how militants have embraced insurgent tactics after losing most of their territory across Iraq and Syria.

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