Egypt’s interim military leaders said Wednesday that they are not considering granting former president Hosni Mubarak immunity from prosecution on charges of corruption.

The statement, posted on the Facebook page of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, was issued in response to a flurry of reports in Egyptian media this week that suggested that Mubarak was trying to cut a deal.

The military command “does not interfere” with the ongoing judicial process, the statement said.

The military rulers warned Egyptians against believing “news and rumors that aim to cause a rift between the people.”

On Tuesday, Egyptian media outlets were dominated by reports that Mubarak intended to deliver a speech to apologize for misdeeds during his nearly three decades in office. The reports said he would offer to return assets in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

The speech did not take place.

Mubarak, 83, has been in custody at a hospital in the Sinai resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh since early April.

His wife, Suzanne, 70, was ordered detained last week, also on charges of illicit enrichment. Authorities released her on bail this week after she forfeited assets worth about $4 million to the state.