For Iranian exiles, Mahsa Amini protests are a source of hope and pain

For the millions of Iranians in exile, the protests have allowed them reconnect with their homeland. But they have also reinforced the pain of separation.

By Babak DehghanpishehSeptember 30, 2022

What’s behind the protests in Iran?

The death of Mahsa Aminia in the custody of Iran’s so-called morality police has sparked days of anti-government demonstrations — and a violent crackdown.

By Miriam BergerSeptember 28, 2022

As protests rage on, Iran carries out strikes against Kurds in Iraq

The missile and drone strikes killed at least nine people and wounded more than 30, including civilians and children, according to Iraqi authorities.

By Mustafa SalimSeptember 28, 2022

Iran president threatens ‘decisive’ response as protests continue

The protests are the largest since nationwide demonstrations three years ago and have posed a growing challenge to Iran’s hardline clerical establishment.

By Kareem Fahim and Babak DehghanpishehSeptember 26, 2022

Iran warns protesters against unrest, stages counter-demonstrations

Iran's military warned protesters against continued unrest and demonstrations spread around the country.

By Miriam BergerSeptember 23, 2022

Videos show Iran’s violent crackdown as protests intensify

Videos verified by The Post show security forces opening fire on protesters as unrest continues one week since Mahsa Amini died.

By Joyce Sohyun Lee, Stefanie Le, Imogen Piper, Babak Dehghanpisheh and Atthar MirzaSeptember 23, 2022

More than 70 migrants perish while fleeing Lebanon after boat sinks

It is the deadliest accident to date as thousands flee Lebanon's escalating economic meltdown.

By Kareem Fahim and Sarah DadouchSeptember 23, 2022

A new role for Syria’s heritage sites: Party venues for restless youth

A rave held at the medieval castle of Krak des Chevaliers raised alarm among experts, who fear the Syrian government is prioritizing tourism over preservation.

By Sarah DadouchSeptember 23, 2022

Why women are burning hijabs in Iran

The death of Mahsa Amini is igniting protests across Iran — and it’s drawing global attention to Iranians’ anger and frustration with their ultra-conservative leaders.

By Maggie Penman, Alexis Diao, Reena Flores, Jordan-Marie Smith, Rennie Svirnovskiy, Ariel Plotnick, Emma Talkoff, Sabby Robinson, Sean Carter, Eliza Dennis, Elana Gordon, Arjun Singh, Charla Freeland and Natalie BettendorfSeptember 22, 2022

Anger against Iran’s ‘morality police’ erupts after death of Mahsa Amini

The death of a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini, in the custody of Iran’s "morality police" has sparked demonstrations from the Kurdish west to the holy city of Qom.

By Joyce Sohyun Lee, Stefanie Le, Atthar Mirza, Babak Dehghanpisheh and Kareem FahimSeptember 22, 2022

Iraqi artists want to finally tell their own story. Who will listen?

As a new generation of Iraqis work to tell the story of their country through contemporary art, they face hurdles at every turn.

By Louisa Loveluck and Mustafa SalimSeptember 22, 2022

At U.N. assembly, Iran’s leader ignores an uprising at home

Protests following the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman detained by Iran’s “morality police,” raged for a fifth consecutive day.

By Ishaan TharoorSeptember 21, 2022

Protests turn deadly in Iran after woman dies in ‘morality police’ custody

Authorities fired on people protesting the death of Mahsa Amini, killing at least five, according to a rights watchdog.

By Rachel Pannett and Miriam BergerSeptember 21, 2022

Israel and Turkey’s leaders meet at U.N. after years of tension

The meeting comes as both countries face lucrative opportunities to export natural gas from the eastern Mediterranean to an energy-starved Europe.

By Shira RubinSeptember 21, 2022

Young Palestinians arm themselves for a new era of violent resistance

The Jenin refugee camp has become a hotbed of militancy as the power of the Palestinian Authority fades and Israeli forces step up operations in the West Bank.

By Shira RubinSeptember 21, 2022

Anne Garrels, intrepid war correspondent for NPR, dies at 71

Her dispatches from Baghdad during the U.S. airstrikes and ground assault in 2003 brought vivid accounts of the war's toll and the Pentagon's future struggles.

By Brian MurphySeptember 19, 2022
The Washington Post

Pentagon opens sweeping review of clandestine psychological operations

Complaints about the U.S. military’s influence operations using Facebook and Twitter have alarmed some in the White House and other federal agencies.

By Ellen NakashimaSeptember 19, 2022

Iranian woman dies after detention by ‘morality police,’ stirring outrage

The death of Mahsa Amini, 22, has sparked outrage over the government’s increasingly strict enforcement of ultraconservative dress codes for women.

By Kareem FahimSeptember 16, 2022

How an Israeli raid on a Palestinian rights group unfolded

CCTV footage sheds new light on an August raid by Israeli forces on the Ramallah offices of Al Haq, the leading Palestinian human rights group.

By Miriam BergerSeptember 16, 2022

U.S. to redirect Afghanistan’s frozen assets after Taliban rejects deal

The Treasury Department said an oversight body will deploy $3.5 billion of Afghanistan’s central bank reserves to help stabilize the country’s ravaged economy.

By Jeff SteinSeptember 14, 2022