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The package is expected to be worth significantly more than the existing $3.1 billion agreement.

The aircraft was on a simulated attack run.

Deborah James's comments are the most pointed yet by a defense official.

This time, the target was the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The intelligence director said that spy agency secrets will be shared with both nominees. One senior official has vowed not to participate.

After years of delays and cost overruns, the most expensive acquisition program in the history of the Pentagon is getting back on track, officials say.

They don't even look the same.

His potential travel to Turkey, with its proximity to the conflict in Syria, is likely to intensify concerns among congressional critics of the resettlement program.

None of the injuries are life threatening and the troops are in "good spirits."

Cluster-munition use is on the rise in Syria.

The leak of emails, if the Kremlin is behind it, may be information warfare directed against the United States — not in favor of the GOP candidate.

The arrest of Robin Shahini, an Iranian American who had run a pizzeria and a car-repair shop in San Diego, has sent chills through the diaspora community.

Revisionist textbooks are nothing new.

A narrowly targeted advisory mission is a template for the U.S. ground role in the battle to retake the city from the Islamic State.

Members of the board are meeting with U.S. troops.

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