Kelly, who retired from the military in February, is a blunt-spoken border security hawk.

Jason Brezler's attorney called the decision a “stunning rebuke."

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

The pair discussed keeping the costs of the program down, as well as China and trade.

Michael G. Flynn, son of Trump’s designated national security adviser, had backed a bogus story tied to a shooting at a Washington pizzeria.

Russia warns that “those who refuse to leave of their own accord will be wiped out.”

The outgoing secretary of state said he is confident that the incoming administration “will remain committed to the fundamental components of the Atlantic alliance.”

The language in the bill could be problematic.

President-elect says $4 billion is too much.

President-elect Donald Trump has proposed making his son-in-law a Middle East peace envoy, but his efforts may be complicated by the financial contributions.

The stories about a Clinton-linked child sex ring apparently inspired a North Carolina man to show up with guns at a Northwest Washington restaurant.

Officials say the 61-page document is not targeted directly at the incoming administration, but Obama expresses hope others will adopt and build on it.

Lockheed wants to move its assembly line from Texas to India in an "unprecedented" move.

The fighters could align with more extremist groups, including al-Qaeda.

The call is the first known contact between a U.S. president or president-elect with a Taiwanese leader since 1979.

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