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Police had a suspect in custody after an hours-long standoff in an incident that also left several people injured.

The action, mandated by Congress, comes 2 1/2 years after leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

The bomb was so big, a pit had to be dug underneath the plane.



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Criticism of tactics and goals — and charges of outright lying — leave little room for eventual cooperation.

Obama administration would like to see European aircraft over Syria and special operations troops on ground.

The announcement comes after the last attempt to replace its aging fleet was canceled after it had spent $3 billion.

Four MiG 15s were shot down by one U.S. pilot.

Without fanfare, the U.S.-led coalition has escalated its involvement in the conflict in a similar way in recent weeks, adding artillery raids of its own to the steady thrum of air strikes against the Islamic State.

The jet, a Su-24, is primarily used in the ground attack role

The French president arrives in Washington on Tuesday to meet with President Obama.

To defeat the Islamic State, officials say they must curb the influence of online beacons for vulnerable youths.

Some want the tempo of operations quickened but without any large commitment of U.S. troops.

They want more of the same, but with JTACs (generally speaking).

In a letter to the Pentagon, Sen. Chuck Grassley said he's concerned it might be "retaliating against someone for speaking out on poor accountability and wasteful spending.”

The search has gone on for more than a week.

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