The proposed changes amount to a broad expansion of the government’s ability to deny visas or residency to immigrants if they benefit from programs like Medicaid or housing vouchers.

The president has long wanted to get rid of the deputy attorney general, but aides say recent revelations in Justice Department memos should be held in reserve.

K.T. McFarland now acknowledges that Flynn may have told her he discussed sanctions with Sergey Kislyak.

Top U.S. border security official is traveling to Central America to promote development.

William “Brock” Long to remain in his job after admitting to misuse of government vehicles.

The deputy attorney general disputed the account and said a ‘personal agenda’ is the motive for the claim.

The United States ordered the closure, citing a lack of Palestinians engagement in making peace with Israel, and set a deadline of Oct. 10. But things have already ground to a halt.

The president says that the Justice Department and others convinced him to change course.

John Bolton’s remarks come amid mounting concern about attacks on U.S. networks.

As sanctions enforcement eases, Kim Jong Un may secure enough breathing room to avoid moving on denuclearization.

Joint operations would mark a sign of progress between the two countries.

The clash between Brock Long and Kirstjen Nielsen has distracted from what’s seen thus far as a successful federal response to Hurricane Florence.

Paralegal was secretly recorded by activist group suggesting she could search databases.

In an annual report, the State Department said attacks were down 23 percent. But it castigated Iran as the leading state sponsor of terrorism.

When President Trump visited the agency on his second day in office, he stood several floors below the point of origin for a probe that would define his first 18 months in office.

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