The Justice Department under Trump has waged an aggressive battle against leaks.

The disclosure adds to the complicated timeline of the final months of the journalist’s life.

Lawyers ask nation’s highest court to decide who is the acting attorney general.

Audio recordings, intercepted phone calls and other intelligence link Mohammed bin Salman to killing that Saudis say was conducted by rogue elements.

The Syrian ambassador vowed to retake the Golan Heights “by peace or by war,” while Israel said the plateau is essential to Israel’s security and it will never withdraw.

The WikiLeaks founder has long drawn the attention of federal investigators for revealing U.S. secrets.

Trump administration imposes sanctions on 17 Saudis after kingdom announces the indictment of 11 citizens in the crime.

The charges carry a possible death sentence, though the department has not yet decided whether to seek that penalty.

Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan pushed back against Air Force analyses that put the cost at $13 billion over five years.

The four elite service members are accused of strangling Army Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar last year in Mali.

Two young men on opposite sides of the border wonder what happens next.

The move could complicate Republicans’ hope of confirming dozens of conservative judges this year.

The Office of Legal Counsel memo says the president has the authority to appoint a non-Senate-confirmed attorney general in an acting capacity.

Defense secretary presents mission as “nothing new under the sun” and tells soldiers to ignore media coverage.

Despite lingering concerns about the country’s human rights record, the Security Council vote rewarded Eritrea’s improved relations with its Horn of Africa neighbors.

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