Reserve units across the country were sent home Saturday from planned training.

The filing came after the New Jersey Democrat dared prosecutors to “bring it on.”

U.S. must make a sustained financial investment in the military to overcome “a period of strategic atrophy,” document says.

Personnel are routinely asked to work 16-hour days, union officials said.

A newly released transcript show reporters were briefed out of concern the FBI was favoring the Republican candidate.

Airwars found that as many as 6,000 noncombatants may have died in strikes in Iraq and Syria.

The decision appears to bring to a close an embarrassing incident for the White House Communications Agency.

Some officials think the Chinese may have compromised covert CIA communications.

Deadly collisions involving Navy vessels are rare, and often are both embarrassing and politically charged afterward.

Andy Müller-Maguhn is of keen interest to Western intelligence agencies investigating how the Russians moved hacked DNC emails to WikiLeaks in 2016.

The collisions involving the USS Fitzgerald and USS John S. McCain together left 17 sailors dead.

The head of Fordham University’s Center on National Security said the figures released Tuesday show a need for applying tougher statistical standards to government reports.

Civil rights advocates attacked the attorney general’s speech, saying his Justice Department is working “to tear down” hard-fought protections for minorities.

At a summit, the secretary of state declines to offer easy reassurances about the possibility of war.

B-52s, B-1Bs and B-2s are all currently based in Guam.

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