The Office of Legal Counsel memo says the president has the authority to appoint a non-Senate-confirmed attorney general in an acting capacity.

The move could complicate Republicans’ hope of confirming dozens of conservative judges this year.

Defense secretary presents mission as “nothing new under the sun” and tells soldiers to ignore media coverage.

Two young men on opposite sides of the border wonder what happens next.

Despite lingering concerns about the country’s human rights record, the Security Council vote rewarded Eritrea’s improved relations with its Horn of Africa neighbors.

Commission evaluating defense strategy warns United States “might struggle to win, or perhaps lose, a war against China or Russia.”

A Brooklyn courthouse is under heavy security as opening arguments commence for the accused cartel leader.

Moscow warns the State Department that American spy agency hacking exposes the U.S. to similar charges.

New sanctions are part of the Trump administration’s pressure campaign against Iran and its proxy forces.

American Austin Tice vanished in 2012 while covering the civil war in Syria. The U.S. government says he is still alive and being held in Syria.

Anti-Semitic incidents were up 37 percent in 2017, according to new figures showing an increase in such crimes for the third consecutive year.

She is trying to complete a full year in the job, but the president wants her out sooner, officials say.

Pentagon tech chief Mike Griffin wants to put a vast network of missile detection sensors in space as China and Russia advance their missiles.

More than two dozen former officials acknowledge their role in steering the United States into the conflict but say the Trump administration has “doubled down.”

The mission continues despite questions about its necessity.

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