In a signing statement, the president objected to measures that constrain him on Russia, the Korean Peninsula and Guantanamo.

The decision is a common tactic by defense lawyers, who often prefer to attack the government’s case by grilling prosecution witnesses instead of offering their own. Closing arguments are scheduled for Wednesday.

The freelance journalist is believed to be alive and somewhere in Syria since he disappeared in 2012 while reporting on the war.

The Marine was reported missing Thursday in the Sulu Sea.

Peter Strzok was at the center of the bureau’s biggest cases, until investigators found politically charged messages on his phone.

It’s unclear how many witnesses, if any, the defense intends to call to rebut the government’s case.

Fact-finding mission illustrates U.S. concern about the bombing and, more generally, the Saudi-led air campaign.

The president suggested in tweets that in the wake of his dismissal the Russia investigation should be dropped and the Clinton case redone.

A new strategy would seek to protect sensitive weapons and technology from foreign theft and sabotage.

Airline executives say their system is designed to secure employees, not planes.

Trump’s former campaign chairman obtained $16 million in loans from a bank run by Steve Calk, who aspired to be Treasury or HUD secretary, according to court testimony.

An attorney for Andrew Miller said the move was part of a plan to appeal, perhaps all the way to the Supreme Court.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov blasted the new measures in a call with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The prisoner, believed to have been involved in USS Cole bombing, was waterboarded at secret facility in Thailand.

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