Editor’s note: the name of the Joint Task Force-Functional Component Command-Network Warfare was incorrect in earlier versions of this information box.

Buckshot Yankee: The key players


Malicious computer software that was discovered on the military’s classified computer network in October 2008. It arrived via USB thumb drives, looking for documents to steal.

Operation Buckshot Yankee

A U.S. intelligence and military effort to neutralize the Agent.btz malware within the government computer networks and to clean the networks.

Advance Networks Operations team (ANO)

NSA analysts who hunt for suspicious activity on government networks. They determined the Agent.btz malware was present in the classified network.

Tailored Access Operations (TAO)

NSA unit that identified new variants of the malware outside the government networks via electronic spying.

Cyber Command

A new military unit that brings together Joint Task Force-Global Network Operations, which carried out the bulk of Buckshot Yankee, and Joint Functional Component Command-Network Warfare, the military’s cyber-offense arm.

Networks infected by Agent.btz

Secret Internet Protocol Router Network: Used by the Defense and State departments to transmit secret-level material.

Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System: Carries top-secret information.