The website of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, pictured in April, was hacked on Sunday. (Ron Schwane/Associated Press)

Several Ohio government websites, including that of Gov. John Kasich (R), were hacked Sunday and defaced with an anti-President Trump, pro-Islamic State message.

The regular homepages of the sites were replaced with a black screen that featured brief statements that ended with “I love Islamic State.’’

Officials shut down the sites while they worked to reestablish control.

Other local government websites also were struck, including the site for Howard County, Md.

The hacking was allegedly done by an entity calling itself “System Dz,” which has taken credit for breaches of local government websites for more than two years. The FBI has been investigating those hacks. FBI spokesmen did not immediately respond to a request for comment Sunday.

The System DZ hacks typically take place on weekends, targeting small government websites.

Sunday’s online vandalism featured a black screen with text that said: “You will be held accountable Trump, you and all your people for every drop of blood flowing in Muslim countries.’’

Representatives for the Ohio governor did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment Sunday.

Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel (R) reacted angrily to the development, writing on Facebook: “Wake up freedom-loving Americans. Radical Islam infiltrating the heartland.’’