Two Roman Catholic nuns have survived being stuck in a Rome elevator for three stifling days by praying and drinking their own urine, the Italian press reported.

The two nuns, from Ireland and New Zealand, were by themselves in a four-story residence for nuns near the Vatican last Friday afternoon when they got into the elevator, Rome’s La Repubblica newspaper reported Monday. They took the elevator and then a power failure caused it to stop — and get stuck — between floors, the paper reported.

The nuns, which the Italian press said were 58 and 68 years old, had left their cellphones in their rooms and so were unable to call for help. The only item they had with them were their rosary beads.

Temperatures were stifling and humidity was high in the Italian capital over last weekend — an early summer heat have.

“Did we pray?” asked one, the Italian press reported. “Certainly. That’s how we survived.”

A cleaning lady who knew them alerted police Monday morning when no one answered the doorbell at the building.

Police searched the building after securing a key from a nearby convent, finally freeing the nuns from the elevator after hearing them yell: “Help” We’re in here.”

Authorities quickly took the nuns to a nearby hospital, where they were found to be suffering from serious dehydration. They were released, however, after being fed a saline drip.

“To avoid losing consciousness, they drank their own urine,” the doctor who treated them was quoted as saying by La Repubblica.

“It’s a miracle they were still conscious when they were rescued.”

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