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What is the washingtonpost.com Advisory Panel anyway?
The Advisory Panel is a group of approximately 15,000 Web users - people like you - recruited at random from washingtonpost.com.
We value your time and opinions. By joining the Panel you'll be able to tell us what you think - about washingtonpost.com, current events and more. From time to time, you'll be invited to participate in online surveys targeted to your concerns, interests or experience. Your input will help drive the ongoing evolution of washingtonpost.com.
The sole purpose of the washingtonpost.com Advisory Panel is to help us better understand our users. Information you provide will be used for research purposes only. You will never be spammed or solicited for commercial purposes as a result of your participation in the Panel.
washingtonpost.com pledges to not release your email address or other contact information to any third party, nor will we share any information with anyone in any way that might identify you personally. Your answers to surveys will remain completely anonymous and will be reported only after being grouped with those of other, similar washingtonpost.com users. For more information, see the washingtonpost.com Advisory Panel Privacy Policy.