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Times have changed. News is no longer a lecture. It’s a dialogue, a conversation, a fast-and-furious exchange among the millions around the globe who choose to know.

Times have changed because we changed them. With sites that make insightful interaction the norm rather than the exception. And messaging opportunities where waste is the exception, rather than the rule.

Change with the times. Put the advantages of WPNI’s audience and ad products to work for you and start seeing the results you expect.

Reaching the right millions

washingtonpost.com, Newsweek.com and Slate, WPNI’s three news sites, reach over 16 million1 unique and active people each month. Our readers are engaged. Multidimensional. Ready to listen, influence and spend.

Source: 1 Nielsen NetRatings, Custom Analysis, 3-Month Avg., Feb-Apr 2007