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Sprig is the destination for smart women and men seeking “green” lifestyle choices without compromising quality and convenience. These smart consumers use Sprig to find the products and advice they need to live just a little more green, one purchase and one decision at a time.

To help these engaged consumers, Sprig delivers innovative and fresh information on high-quality fashion, health and beauty, food, home and lifestyle products that are as easy on the planet as they are on the senses. Readers can keep up with the latest of what’s green and what’s great through our Fashion, Home and Beauty e-mail newsletters, or through video, news, and the comprehensive product database on the Web site.

Sprig helps you reach a premium audience in multiple places, at multiple times, while they’re open to new purchase ideas and new experiences. Build or enhance your brand’s association with green and stylish products and people—and an innovative new site that brings them together.

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