About Us: The Root

A New Generation of Black Media

Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive is proud to introduce The Root, a groundbreaking online medium dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of the African American experience. The Root is an online magazine, a multimedia portal devoted to news and views. The Root is also a family and identity research tool, linking the latest in DNA research to the search for individual black history.

The Root fills an otherwise empty space in black media. A primary news and lifestyle destination for African Americans, The Root goes beyond pop culture and mainstream headlines. Unlike other online destinations targeting African Americans, The Root encompasses the full spectrum of information, ideas and issues facing black America every day.

The Root is revolutionary. No other site is connecting genetic screening and family history to the wider issues facing African Americans today. The Root is changing the media landscape of black America.

For more information on how to advertise on The Root, please contact the Sales Director within your region:

Washington DC – Jeff Hand, 703.469.2770
Eastern U.S. – Joseph Porcellini, 212.445.4517
Midwestern U.S. / Texas / International – Wes Tyeryar, 703.469.2512
Western U.S. – Mark Crafts, 415.248.1225

You may also call our central advertising #: 703-469-2501 or complete our advertising info request form.

The Root