Introducing Reforms and Confronting Extremists
  Tourism Gives Airlines Lift-off
Passenger growth and liberalization of the industry leads to bigger fleets, greater competition and expansion of airports
  Plain Speaking Strengthens Saudi-U.S. relations
A “strategic dialogue” set up by President Bush and King Abdullah to end distrust, fight terrorism, bring Middle East stability and secure energy supplies is helping to mend the wounds of 9/11
  King Opens Doors to Tourists
Despite a ban on alcohol and women needing to cover up, the state hopes to attract 1.5 million non-Muslim visitors by 2020
  Stretched to Capacity
Investment in petrochemical plants gathers pace as demand exceeds expectations and the kingdom’s reforms open up the market to private sector investment
  Land Bridge Project
Coast to coast railroad will reduce the transit time for freight from seven days by sea to less than 48 hours by train.
  Join the Family Firm
In a country where tradition is very strong, thriving family businesses are adapting to global changes and competitiveness by offering outsiders opportunities for joint ventures
  Super Cities Rise from the Sand
In less than three decades Saudi construction firms have transformed the kingdom’s desert sands into modern cities of prestigious buildings
  Master Plan for Mecca
Twin complexes to accommodate pilgrims will include timeshares, shopping malls, restaurants, conference and exhibition centers and a tower block taller than the Empire State Building
  Real Estate Sector Set to Transform Kingdom
Saudi developers are seeking foreign partners and expertise to meet the king’s demand for thousands of new homes for his people
  Prescription for Change
World tariff regulations could force the kingdom’s drugs industry to become more competitive to survive – and lead to healthy reforms
  Dallah Hospital
What the Doctor Ordered, A Thirty-year Partnership, Hospital extends Links with The U.S., and Making Medical History
  Saudi Movie Makes its Mark
A groundbreaking movie with a social message is the first step towards building a film industry in the kingdom
  Private Boost for Public Healthcare
Health service may seek private sector funding for medical research, drug-production and equipment and technical training
  Banking on Recovery and Prosperity
Despite the recent collapse of its stock market, the Saudi government hopes that reforms will stabilize the market and attract American and European investment institutions
  From Desert Dates to State-of-the-Art Dairy Farms
The kingdom has a surprising agricultural sector and food production industry. Despite boycotts of some Western goods, it would like to partner and produce fresh products for leading foreign brands
  Saudi Arabia: Climate for Change PDF
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