In the run-up to the November elections, we're asking Americans to tell us which issues matter to them — from unemployment to guns. Read through others' responses in the comments and on the maps below and share which issues are important to you, your community and the country.​​

America, you have issues. Talk to us.

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The overdependence on the Stock Market for retirement financial security. To raise stock prices, Corporate America responds with fewer jobs overall plus more use of part-time jobs to save benefit costs. The middle class disappears. We'll suffer dire consequences as a result.

May 14

I have four Millennial-aged children & feel I must do everything I must do all I can to make sure the beautiful earth is still here for them. You did not list rising inequality as an option. We are rapidly turning into an oligarchy with our political process being usurped by a few billionaires.

May 13

Health, Unemployment, Education are tied as immediate problems to solve in the US. Climate change is the imminent World crisis.

May 13

Climate change is the most important issue our country faces. If we can't save our environment, nothing else matters. We will implode into war, famine, overcrowding, and other miseries of our own making.

May 13

I need a job because I have been unemployed for over 4 months without income! I need health care but the State of Virginia believes I am entitled only to exist, not to have a job, not to have health care, not to die, just to exist! Immigration is a major issue for our community as many many people

May 12

Underemployment, unemployment and people dropping out of the labor force all hurt us morally and fiscally as we're unable to take care of our own and to the extent that we are, we reach less people through government programs and charity while more resources are needed. We need jobs.

May 11

Same-sex marriage is this generation's civil rights issue. Unfortunately, others' religious beliefs are driving the system -- they want me to live my life according to THEIR beliefs, and when I don't, they claim they are being persecuted.

May 11

Taxes are important here because our schools are suffering due to Brownback's fiscal experimentation and his distorted priorities. For me personally, guns are such a way of life around here, and it is frightening. Everyone I know have several and most shouldn't.

May 10

Due to employer discrimination hiring of older workers, unemployment benefits are extremely important to survival until a job can be found. We are not deadbeats and resent very much being called that. I worked 2 jobs when I was 15, 16 and 17 years old and have had a full time job for 30+ years.

May 9

I am gainfully employed, but job security has disappeared. I live in South Florida, so climate change and sea level rise is extremely important. But our inability to control guns, after the Newtown shooting or the Cliven Bundy incident, clearly shows our rapid decline towards anarchy. That's sad!

May 9

There are people who have lost their Unemployment. Insurance Extension who are losing everything that they have worked for. We are becoming homeless and some are killing themselves. We are asking Congress to vote on the bill and pass it.

May 9

Money is corrupting Congress and making representatives more responsive to donor and corporate interests than to the voters who elect them. Campaign finance reform is the most important issue because we can't make real progress on other issues so long as we have a dysfunctional Congress.

May 9

Job creators just aren't creating jobs- they're squeezing workers and pocketing the profits. Climate change is literally destroying the Jersey Shore, potentially making us all refugees. Insane gun laws that let nuts, idiots and drunks buy guns like candy makes America a dangerous place.

May 9

Climate change isn't specifically important to me...it's specifically important to everyone. All other issues hinge on climate change, without a sustainable planet, the other issues become much worse. From my view, climate change is the Everest in the mountains of problem facing our world.

May 5

Without immediate, drastic changes to consumption of fossil fuels and the ensuing emission of greenhouse gases, the most sinister effects of climate change will become irreversible. No other human issue compares in importance, since they are all obsolete if the Earth becomes unlivable.

May 5

Military adventures and the kind of society that promotes them are repugnant to me. Persistent unemployment and structural inequality have historically led many societies to extreme social upheavals. Climate change affects the whole world. I'll be dead by then, but I care.

May 5
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