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National election results 2014

Sunday, Oct. 22 at 7:07 p.m.
50 seats
46 Democrats
53 Republicans
34 Democrats* not up for election 30 Republicans not up for election
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218 seats
188 Democrats
244 Republicans
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25 seats
17 Democrats
31 Republicans
7 Democrats not up for election 7 Republicans not up for election
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Key Senate races

Seats in these states are hotly contested. Bold indicates flipped parties.

Mitch McConnell 56.2 %
Alison Lundergan Grimes 40.7
100% of precincts reporting

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is trying to hold off Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes and avoid becoming the second Republican party leader to lose reelection this year, after former House majority leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) lost a primary.

Joni Ernst 52.2 %
Bruce Braley 43.7
100% of precincts reporting

The center of presidential politics plays host to an open-seat race that could determine control of the Senate.

Cory Gardner 48.5 %
Mark Udall 46.0
98.5% of precincts reporting

This race is also pivotal for Senate control, after Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) found himself unexpectedly vulnerable against Rep. Cory Gardner (R).

Key House races

New York - 11
Mike Grimm 55.4 %
Domenic M. Recchia Jr. 42.1
100% of precincts reporting

Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) is under indictment but is still in contention in this Staten Island-based district against Democrat Domenic Recchia.

West Virginia - 3
Evan Jenkins 55.3 %
Nick Rahall 44.7
100% of precincts reporting

Three-decade incumbent Rep. Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.) represents the most conservative district held by a Democrat and faces party-switching state Sen. Evan Jenkins (R).

California - 52
Scott Peters 51.6 %
Carl DeMaio 48.4
100% of precincts reporting

Freshman Rep. Scott Peters (D-Calif.) is up against Republican Carl DeMaio, who could become the first openly gay Republican to be elected to Congress in this swing district.

Key governor races

Rick Scott 48.2 %
Charlie Crist 47.0
100% of precincts reporting

Gov. Rick Scott (R) faces party-switching former GOP governor Charlie Crist (D) in this race, which has huge implications for the 2016 election and one of the country's biggest states, which is otherwise dominated by Republicans.

Scott Walker 52.3 %
Mary Burke 46.6
100% of precincts reporting

Gov. Scott Walker (R) is considered a potential 2016 presidential or vice presidential candidate, but he's got to win a tight reelection campaign with Democrat Mary Burke first.

Charlie Baker 48.5 %
Martha Coakley 46.6
100% of precincts reporting

Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley inexplicably lost her 2010 special election matchup with Scott Brown, and now she might well lose the 2014 governor's race to Republican Charlie Baker.

Election 2014


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* Note: Independent incumbents are grouped with the party they caucus with. Sources: Results from The Associated Press. House race ratings based on the Cook Political Report. Senate and governor race ratings from The Washington Post.