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  Boston Teens Guilty of Race Attacks

By Leslie Miller
Associated Press Writer
Friday, Oct. 22, 1999; 1:15 a.m. EDT

BOSTON –– Two white teen-agers whose families were evicted from a housing project after the men were arrested for race-related attacks have pleaded guilty to terrorizing their Hispanic neighbors.

Michael Day, 19, was sentenced to 2½ years in jail after pleading guilty Thursday to assault and battery, civil rights violations and destruction of property in two 1997 attacks. His plea came a few hours before he was scheduled to go to trial.

Sean Beatty, 19, pleaded guilty to assault and battery and destruction of property and was sentenced to one year in jail.

According to prosecutors, Day, Beatty and several other teen-agers in 1997 chased a Hispanic man to his apartment with sticks and bats and threw rocks and bricks at him.

Less than two weeks later, the group chased a Hispanic woman to her apartment late at night and Day threw her to the ground, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said the teen-agers continued throwing bottles and bricks at the building where the woman lived, and Day was charged with throwing a bottle through a bedroom window where another Hispanic woman was sleeping with her infant daughter.

The other teen-agers previously pleaded guilty.

The Boston Housing Authority evicted Day's and Beatty's families from the South Boston housing project using a new federal policy that allows evictions of public housing tenants who are violent, sell drugs or commit civil rights violations.

The policy was created in 1996 to make government housing for the poor a safer place to live.

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