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The State of the Plate
Somewhere between the mango shrimp at the splashy Rasika in Penn Quarter and the shoat belly with sorrel vinaigrette at the city's newest four-star destina-tion, CityZen on the Southwest waterfront, I had an epiphany: Washington, long a worthy dining destination, has finally become a top-tier restaurant town.

Oh, New York has sheer numbers on us. San Francisco and Chicago also serve up bigger buffets of delicious possibilities. But Washington now competes, with its own concentration of creative, cutting-edge restaurants. In fact, the more I sample the handiwork of chefs outside the region, the more I admire what's on the menu right here at home.

I'm not alone in such sentiments. Have you noticed the bright young chefs who are leaving pedigreed kitchens to come cook in Washington, or the major-league talents that see the nation's capital as a good place to stick around or set up shop?

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