In/Out: 1987

The List: what’s out, what’s in as 1987 dawns

By Nina Hyde
Washington Post Staff Writer

Romance is in the air. Which is a good thing, because everything else in so expensive. Off-the-shoulder dresses are back, and so are crinolines. Masses of flowers are a must -- and the single exotic flower is a must not. Off-white is gentler than stark white, candles more calming than direct light, country cooking more hearty than nouvelle cuisine. Crocodile Dundee is a more graceful macho man than Rambo, Cybill Shepherd is softer than Linda Evans. And long hair, even on men, reflects another more romantic era. There is the recurring intrigue of far-off places, Vienna more so than Paris these days, foreign correspondents more than columnists, foreign news rather that domestic. Love is in the air, but not sex. Letters say it better than car phones. And this year you can put away your Filofax and start making lists.

Strapless dresses   Off-shoulder dresses
Shoulder pads   Crinolines
No underwear   Underwear as outerwear
Valium   Xanax
Black   Navy
Chains and Zippers   Bows and buttons
Katharine Hepburn   Audrey Hepburn
Teddy Ruxpin   Teddy Roosevelt
Arbitrageurs   Entrepreneurs
Shovel brigades   Honest answers
The Statue of Liberty   The Constitution
Paris   Vienna
Pate   Caviar
Cabbage roses   Paisley
Textured cotton   Silk damask
The Amish   The Shakers
Auctions   Private dealers
Renoir   Goya
Matisse in Paris   Matisse in Nice
Oil and gas law   "L.A. Law"
Colorization   Black and white
Postmodern   New spirit
Peach walls   Green walls
Pine   Mahogany
Stark white   Off-white
Deductions   Raises
Hazelnuts   Chestnuts
Lips   Breasts
Sex   Romance
Linda Evans   Cybill Shepherd
Christie Brinkley   Billy Joel
Crests   Cameos
Magnums   Nebuchadnezzars
National Security Council   State Department
Steven Spielberg   Martin Scorsese
Ivan Boesky   Carl Icahn
Antitrust   Takeover
San Francisco   Los Angeles
Patti Davis   Ron Reagan Jr.
"Square Meals"   "White Trash Cooking"
Yuppies   Hippies
Extra men   Extra women
Monotone   Contrast
Sean & Madonna   Jack & Meryl
Rambo   Crocodile Dundee
Texas   New England
Lacquer   Waxed finishes
Michael Graves   Arata Isozaki
Twisted Sister   Bon Jovi
Sweat pants   Running tights
Jogging   Race walking
Aerobics   Swimming
Run-DMC   Beastie Boys
Old tennis players   Old golfers
Robert McFarlane   Henry Kissinger
Andrew Wyeth   Georgia O'Keeffe
Exotic flowers   Floral arrangements
Broadway   Carnegie Hall
Charles Dickens   Victor Hugo
Jim McMahon   Doug Flutie
Car phones   Letters
Air Force One   Air Force Two
The '50s and the '70s   The '40s and the '60s
Audi 5000   Saab 900
Area   Nell's
Mufflers   Muffs
American musicals   British musicals
Crew cuts   Long hair
Heavy makeup   Clean looks
Refrigerator Perry   Vinny Testaverde
Credit   Cash
French fries   Mashed potatoes
Sichuan   Mongolian
Sun-dried tomatoes   Dried porcini mushrooms
Poultry   Fish
Dining   Grazing
Art deco   Secession
Hot pink   Barely Pink
Junk bonds   Bail bonds
Trashy novels   Long histories
W   Palm Beach Shiny Sheet
French Elle   American Elle
Columnists   Foreign correspondents
Fundamentalism   Orthodoxy
Direct lighting   Candles
Midnight supper   Early dinner
Frozen desserts   Hot desserts
Cookies   Doughnuts
Baked beans   Black beans
Baby vegetables   Root vegetables
South Carolina   North Carolina
Celery   Fennel
Tango   Flamenco
Albert Capraro   Victor Costa
Contras   Swiss bankers
Bulgari   Buccellati
Champagne with dessert   Sweet dessert wines
Halley's Comet   Comet Wilson
Youth   Age
Filofax   Lists

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