In and Out List: What's In and Out for 2007 by Hank Stuever

Suddenly limits, just a hint of limits! The sheeple start taking the computers out of their kids' rooms. Just enough of them ignore the Decider. They unanimously reject the Gap's skinny black pants out of simple respect for the ghost of Audrey Hepburn. They discover new frontiers in shame via YouTube and then look askance. Our sense of justice finally leads somewhere: Britney expunges Kevin; Jim kisses Pam; your husband finally realizes that phone in his ear makes him look like a dork.

You go outside, kick off those ill-thought Crocs, and birdies sing fleeting songs of $2 gas. That slight rustling sound? It's millions of teenagers pulling up their pants an inch -- the new look. A prim, white-haired man in a pinstriped suit soothingly yet sternly commands an army of young fashionistas to "make it work," and the weird thing is, they do. Make it work has somehow auf'd stay the course, and you resolve to go on living, and immediately set about making your List.

Post staff writer (and "List" czar) Hank Stuever was online Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2007 at noon to discuss the Style section's annual compendium of what's in and what's out.
"America's Next Top Model"
Low-rise, boot-cut jeans
Higher-rise, stovepipe jeans
Fall Out Boy
Cold War Kids
Bringing soldiers back
Favela funk
"Laguna Beach"
"Meerkat Manor"
Goat skewers
Pork belly
Deluxe pool tables
Deluxe ping-pong tables
White belts
Yung Joc
D.C. hookers
"Left Behind"
Universal remote
Universal health care
Hugh Jackman
Pierre Hardy bags
Kiki and Herb
Little Edie Beale
Head On
Antidepressant perfume
Ford Giugiaro Mustang
Ford Shelby GT500
T.M.X. Elmo
Perez Hilton
Lance and Sheryl
Lance and Matthew
Vogue Living
Sophia Kokosalaki
Al Gore
Jamba Juice
Dancin' with the one who brung ya
Nina Ricci
AARP Rambo
"Seinfeld" reruns
"How I Met Your Mother"
$500-a-night treehouse resorts
Anderson Cooper
Wrestling-coach voice
Yellow ribbon magnets
Tillman jerseys
Going to Burning Man
Reading Daniel Pinchbeck
Bible study group
"Battlestar Galactica"
Barneys Co-Op
Fantasy football
Fantasy bass fishing
Malls with Pac Sun
Malls with Hollister
Thomas Quasthoff
Chuck Klosterman
Matt Taibbi
Camellia tea oil
McMansion in an exurb
Designer prefab in a rururb
David Sedaris
Wine slushies
Avatar sex
Zach Braff
John Krasinski
Adrien Brody
Gaspard Ulliel
Premarital sex
Crazy "Deadwood" fans
Book deals for bloggers
Blogs for bloggers
Dane Cook
Timothy Everest suits
New microfiber NBA balls
Old leather NBA balls
Disney princesses
Disney fairies
Gateau and four forks
A truffle apiece
Tom Ford Estée Lauder
Tom Ford Black Orchid
"Chicken Noodle Soup"
Zicam swabs
Polaroid chic
Digital Leica M8
Monica Lewinsky, pizza girl
Acai berries
Showing your baby bump
Michael Vick
Vince Young
Motorola RAZR
Motorola Q
Toyota Scion xB
Toyota FJ Cruiser
Penn State
Boise State
"Ghost Rider"
"Spider-Man 3"
Young Frankenstein Musical
Rem Koolhaas
The Compassionates
Your House Band
Driving drunk
Driving nude

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