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November 24, 2008

Buying any sort of high-tech product involves risks not faced with most other purchases. The sweater you get for yourself probably won't cost dramatically less next year or be replaced in stores by a vastly upgraded Sweater 3.0, but your new laptop, camera or phone can become overpriced or obsolete within weeks. We accept that risk as the price of constant innovation. But some technological products represent too much of a gamble. Before diving into this year's holiday guide take a look at Fast Forward columnist Rob Pegoraro's picks for what NOT to purchase.

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Fast Forward columnist Rob Pegoraro discusses Apple's Nano and Microsoft's Zune.


What's the difference between the Bold and Storm? Rob Pegoraro compares them to the iPhone.

Take along advice from The Post's technology staff as you go out and do your shopping.
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Rob Pegoraro discusses the latest in personal technology and provides gadget gift-giving advice.

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