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Holiday calorie ins and outs

Holiday calorie ins and outs

No one wants to count holiday calories, but no one wants to go up a jeans size by January either. Use our handy interactive graphic to get a grip on how much activity you'll need to do to balance out your holiday excesses.

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Survival Strategies

Trading comfort food for family activity

Family gatherings are a chance to pass on active habits to the next generation

Keeping kids' Christmas cheer alive

Family Almanac offers advice on how to calm children down on the big morning.

Tired of the usual yuletide cinematic fare?

Here's a list of films set during the holidays or contain a memorable holiday scene.

7-year-old's whimsical wrap wins contest

Several hundred children entered The Washington Post's annual Holiday Wrapping Paper Contest. Photos: Finalists and favorites

A step-by-step guide for wrapping gifts

When it comes to gift wrapping, many of us are all thumbs, just struggling to get it done.

Family Almanac: Explaining gifts to kids

Ask your child what she wants to give for Christmas, not what she wants to get.

Dreaming of a light Christmas

Most weight gain over the course of a year occurs during the holiday quarter -- and we typically don't shed the pounds we put on.

Can the thank-you note make a comeback?

Most teenagers are too disorganized and too self-centered to send thank-you notes without being pushed.

The great Santa debate

How to incorporate the jolly old chimney invader with the religious celebration of Jesus' birth is a drama that plays out each December.


Reader Photos

Happy holidays, Fluffy! Do you dress your pet up for the holidays? Send us your photos.