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Design Solutions

Paint the walls a darker blue to add warmth (Van Courtland Blue from Benjamin Moore).

Replace the two couches with one sectional and a side chair to open up the seating area.

Place the TV on a swivel stand so it can be viewed from any position in the room. A tall bookshelf opposite the TV will add visual balance and avoid making the TV the central design element.

A storage bench and mirror with hooks next to the entry will provide storage and a place to take off shoes.

Replace existing curtains with wider panels for a softer and more substantial look. Mount them high (between the window molding and ceiling) and wide (outside of the window frame) to give the illusion of a larger window.

Move the kids' play area to the nook along the wall opposite the fireplace.

- Erin Hoopes, Designer

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The Challenge

Tina Won Sherman and Mark Reynolds of Kensington are having a hard time arranging furniture in their living room. They'd like to entertain there and have a play area. The only restriction: The TV cannot be mounted on or above the fireplace.

The Solution

By introducing warm colors, rearranging the furniture and eliminating a few bulky pieces, designer Erin Hoopes maximizes the living space and gives the room a cozier feel.

- Erin Hoopes, of Harry Braswell, is based in Alexandria (703-562-4206, erin@harrybraswell.com).

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