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Design Solutions

Layer an area rug on top of the carpet to add warmth and texture.

Install a larger chandelier. Hang it lower to give the room a more intimate feel.

Use a fabric runner to soften the glass tabletop.

Reupholster the armchairs in large-scale pattern.

Hang a group of mirrors to reflect light and make up for the lack of windows.

Remove the chair rail, which does nothing but visually divide the wall.

- Caroline McCandlish, Designer

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The Challenge

James and Barbara Butler love their new White Plains home but need help making the dining room looked more lived in. The room is 12-by-17-feet, and they'd like to keep the table and chairs.

The Solution

By updating the existing furniture and bringing in pieces to warm and define the space, designer Caroline McCandlish gives this dining room some much-needed personality.

- McCandlish Design (703-689-3481, www.mccandlishdesign.com) is based in Reston.

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