Taste Test: Valentine's Day Chocolates by Mail

Valentine’s Day evokes images of lovers canoodling over a heart-shaped box of confections. Frankly, I don’t care what shape the box is. To me, finding great chocolate that fits the personality of the recipient is more important. I was thrilled when my special someone recently surprised me with a playful selection of chocolate mice (though I realize that other people might prefer their candy without ears and tails).

Chocolatiers across the country are raising the bar by creating handmade assortments with unique concepts and special interests in mind to please the art connoisseurs, fruit lovers and Earth children on your gift list.

We conducted a taste test with Ginger Park, co-owner of the downtown shop Chocolate Chocolate, who has 22 years’ experience choosing (and eating) fine chocolate. We sampled hand-painted truffles, charming bonbons and organic cordials from across the country. And, of course, those mice.

The following chocolates can arrive on your doorstep within two days of ordering (shipping costs are to the Washington area). - Erin Hartigan

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