A Man of Characters
Andre Campbell has copyrighted more than 500 characters he has created. Here are his comments on a few of his favorites. | Read the Article: Comic Book Hero (Washington Post Magazine) | Narrated Photo Gallery
Captain Goodwill

For me, my Captain Goodwill is a powerful black character. Anybody can blast energy and have super strength. Superman is an icon. But why not Captain Goodwill being an icon, as well? When I do Captain Goodwill, write anything for him, I'm kind of basing him on my personality. He can get along with a lot of characters, and he's very supportive.


I love war pictures. And I remember looking at "Tora, Tora, Tora" late one night -- I couldn’t sleep. And they talked about the kamikaze fighters and what they stood for, and I was like, Wow, imagine a hero that is crazy like that. I thought to myself: I'm going to create a character that is kamikaze. But he ain't going to die so easily.

The Wall

I came up with the name the Wall because I was listening to Pink Floyd. "There's another brick in the wall." And I said, That's his name. And I said, He's going to be massive. The Hulk can lift 100 tons. Normally, the Wall can lift 100 tons, but when he increases his mass, he can lift, like, over 600 tons. But put military background with that, and he's a tactician. He studies his foes. But he will not hesitate to pull out a big gun and blast you.


I always enjoyed the Bionic Woman. I wanted to come up with someone who is kind of sexy but strange-looking. I didn't want her to be overbearingly beautiful, so once I drew her, I said, Well, let me take this off; let me take this off; let me add this. I see her as someone who is fighting for her humanity because she's literally more machine than human. Which eventually will be her downfall.

IMAGES: Pencil and ink by Andre Campbell. Color by Dennis van Belzen.

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